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Helinox Chair Zero

The Newest, The Lightest and Most Compact, but still strong enough for the perfect adventure experience.

Suggested by uhduhhuh

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Yew Lit Pang 4 months ago

Is this negotiation going to conclude soon? I rather have this Chair Zero than the Chair One. Please let me know, if not, I'll get the Chair One.

joelleong 4 months ago

Hey Yew Lit! We initially reached out to Helinox with the intention of securing the Chair Zero, but because it was a relatively new product and they did not have a large number of available stock, they weren't ready to do a hunt for it yet. We will probably be able to run one for the Chair Zero in the future but I don't think it'll be anytime soon, so I would suggest getting the Chair One first. Cheers! =)

uhduhhuh 5 months ago

A durable foldable chair as light as a bottle of mineral water to bring along on my adventures? I'M IN!

discoburg 4 months ago

Whats the difference between the Chair one and Chair zero?

joelleong 4 months ago

Hey discoburg! The Chair Zero is a lighter and slightly more compact version of the Chair One, though also more expensive in this world where smaller is better ;)

It's 490g vs. the Chair One's 890g (which is already very light), and supports up to 120kg vs. the Chair One's 145kg.

In terms of dimensions, the Chair Zero is slightly smaller, measuring 64 cm (Height) 28 cm (Seat Height) and 52 cm (Seat Width) vs 65 cm (Height) 35 cm (Seat Height) and 52 cm (Seat Width).

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