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ADV3NTURE Hoodie has 23 features, premium quality and luxurious comfort. It'll be your favorite every day adventure hoodie!

The ADV3NTURE HOODIE CLASSIC versions have 23 pockets and features, and have color accents in the zipper, bottle-opener zipper pull, and sunglass tag.

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In 2014 the Drinking Jacket was successfully Kickstarted. Since then, it's been praised for it's comfort, design and features. Maxim said “It's actually a handsome, super-comfy hoodie. In or out of a party, we seem to get compliments every time we wear it.” Huffington Post calls it "the perfect tailgating accessory," and Men's Journal proclaims it "ridiculously comfortable." We took everything that was great about the Drinking Jacket, improved them, and created the Adv3nture Hoodie!

Creating the perfect hoodie isn't about adding features and pockets to a normal hoodie and calling it the best in the world. That's not us... We are an apparel design company made up of individuals that are passionate about creating amazing garments that you'll fall in love with. We're about taking years of research and design, triumphs and mistakes, and listening to our thousands of previous customers to make a product that becomes something that you can live in.  We want you to fall in love with your hoodie and be a customer/friend for life.

ADV3NTURE is a new line of adventure products from Zane Lamprey. The "3" represents three things: 1) Zane's foray into being a world traveler as the host ofThree Sheets 2) The company launching as Zane's third Kickstarter, and 3) The three pillars of the company "Travel, Explore, Live". The ADV3NTURE HOODIE is our debut product. 

The ADV3NTURE HOODIE  is first and foremost an everyday hoodie, based off theDrinking Jacket, which has been praised for its comfort (Maxim, Men's Journal,Gear Hungry). Secondly, it's about creating a hoodie regarded as stylish (Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, Food & Wine) and timeless. Then, and only then, is it about seamlessly integrating cool features (Thrillist, Gear Hungry, Men's Gear) that are useful in everyday life.

We've spent two years re-inventing the Drinking Jacket, improving it in every single way. We were the first on Kickstarter to offer an innovative hoodie with a neoprene koozie drink pocket, a dedicated place for your sunglasses, bottle-opener zipper, and integrated gloves. Now we're back with something that's even better.


  • The ADV3NTURE HOODIE CLASSIC collection are made with a hood-liner that matches the body color. They come in BLACK & BLUE, SMOKE & FIRE (grey & red) and TRIPLE BLACK (black, with black accents). The Triple Black was unlocked when the campaign hit $750,000 and is now available to anyone choosing to back the CLASSIC level.


BLACK & BLUE - Black with royal blue zipper and accents

SMOKE & FIRE - Athletic Grey with red zipper red accents

  • The ADV3NTURE HOODIE LIMITED versions are the same structure as the CLASSIC, but are made with premium fabrics and black accents. They’re just as comfy at home or tailgate party as they are for a night out on the town! They come in (woven) HERRINGBONE and BLACK CAMO.

The ADV3NTURE HOODIE LIMITED versions are the same structure as the CLASSIC, but are made with premium fabrics and black accents. They’re just as comfy at home or tailgate party as they are for a night out on the town! They come in (woven) Herringbone and Black Camo.

Woven Herringbone and Pigment-Dyed Black Camo

HERRINGBONE - Very soft, woven Herringbone with black zipper and hood liner.

BLACK CAMO - Pigment-dyed Black camo pattern with black zipper and hood liner.


The ADV3NTURE HOODIE CLASSIC versions have 23 pockets and features, and have color accents in the zipper, bottle-opener zipper pull, and sunglass tag.

"Smoke & Fire" Adventure Hoodie
"Smoke & Fire" Adventure Hoodie

ADV3NTURE HOODIE CLASSIC "Smoke & Fire" is athletic grey with a red nylon zipper and two red bottle-opener zippers. The body is a medium/heavy weight functional 300g/m2 fabric made from a Cotton/Polyester blend. The hood is lined with a extremely soft grey flannelette.

"Black & Blue" Adventure Hoodie
"Black & Blue" Adventure Hoodie

ADV3NTURE HOODIE CLASSIC "Black & Blue" is jet black with a royal blue nylon zipper and two blue bottle-opener zippers. The body is a medium/heavy weight functional 300g/m2 fabric made from a Cotton/Polyester blend. The hood is lined with a extremely soft black flannelette. 


ADV3NTURE HOODIE LIMITED series ("Herringbone" and "Black Camo") have all of the features of the ADV3NTURE HOODIE and are made with premium fabrics (the same weight as the Adventure Hoodies) and have black zippers and accents.

"Black Camo" Adventure Hoodie Limited
"Black Camo" Adventure Hoodie Limited

ADV3NTURE HOODIE LIMITED "Black Camo" has four printed colors and is dyed using a reverse osmosis process which reduces the amount of fading when the garment is washed. The body is a medium/heavy weight functional 300g/m2 fabric made from a Cotton/Polyester blend. The hood is lined with a extremely soft black flannelette.

"Herringbone" Adventure Hoodie Limited
"Herringbone" Adventure Hoodie Limited

ADV3NTURE HOODIE LIMITED "Herringbone" is made with woven (not printed) yarn-dyed fleece. The body is a medium/heavy weight functional 300g/m2 fabric made from a Cotton/Polyester blend. The hood is lined with a extremely soft black flannelette.


There are nine (9) pockets and fourteen (14) features that are seamlessly incorporated in the ADV3NTURE HOODIE. We set out to create a hoodie that is full of innovations, but is primarily a stylish high-end hoodie that you will want to wear every day.


The ADV3NTURE HOODIE has nine pockets. While each pocket was designed for a purpose, what you use it for is up to you. Each person and each adventure is unique, so use our descriptions as suggestions. And if you find any other uses for the pockets, let us know!

ZIPPERED SIDE POCKETS (2) - Unzip to warm your hands, or zip up to secure your belongings. They zip up (not down), so the rubber zipper pull tucks behind the pocket flap. (In the All-Weather Jacket, they're lined with incredibly soft Sherpa material)

FRONT CARGO POCKETS (2) - These pockets are essential to the ADV3NTURE HOODIE. They’re convenient enough to drop things into (camera, phone, wallet, maps, cash, change, etc), and big enough for odd-sized items (big headphones, maps, granola bars, children's toys, crayons, etc). And they are secured with two plastic-covered metal snaps.

ZIPPERED PASSPORT POCKET - You’ll never fumble for your passport (or wallet, or cash, or I.D.), because you’ll know that it’s secured close to your chest in a zippered pocket. This pocket has a rubber zipper pull.

INSIDE WATER-RESISTANT POCKET - Adventure is about an element of uncertainty. You never know when a water-resistant inside pocket will come in handy, but it certainly will! This is the perfect pocket for your phone and earbuds.

NEOPRENE KOOZIE POCKET (1) - This is one of the carry-overs from The Drinking Jacket. But, now the pocket is sealed at the bottom, and is the perfect size for a phone (Android or iPhone 6+). It provides a padded pocket for your cell phone OR is an insulated place to hold your beverage, while also keeping it chilled.

ARM POCKET (1) - This is also a carry-over from the Drinking Jacket, but we switched arms to make it more convenient to 90% of the population (right-handed people - not that south paws can’t use it!).

MINI-PEN POCKET (1) This unique pocket holds a mini-pen, because you never know when you’ll need a writing implement. The pocket holds pens up to 4" long. There are several inexpensive mini-pens that fit in this pocket.

ADVENTURE HOODIE - Pockets & Features
ADVENTURE HOODIE - Pockets & Features


The ADV3NTURE HOODIE has 14 distinct features, although it could be argued that it actually has more. While each feature was designed with a specific purpose in mind, we know you'll come up with other use for them. If you find any other uses for the features, we'd love to hear about it!

SUNGLASS HOLDER - People most often lose their sunglasses when day turns to night or sunny skies turn cloudy and they don’t have anywhere to put their sunglasses. With the sunglass holder, you have a place to easily store or access your sunglasses, so you don’t leave them on a table, in a car, or wherever you would have put them down.

Pictured : Sherpa-lined ADV3NTURE JACKET
Pictured : Sherpa-lined ADV3NTURE JACKET

PILLOW CONVERSION - You never know when you’ll need a pillow! Missed a flight, long car ride, boring lecture, or maybe you just want to lay on the grass with your four-legged friend? Your adventure hoodie easily folds up into a pillow (way more effective than the chintzy ones they offer on airlines) that provides a substantial place to rest your head. It’s also a convenient way to transport your hoodie, when you don’t need it. The pillow converts both ways, so you can have a super soft pillow (with the lining on the outside), or a more durable pillow (with the lining on the inside) if you don't want to get the lining dirty in public places.

BOTTLE-OPENER ZIPPER - The top zipper is a bottle opener. It's much smaller than the bottle opener on the Drinking Jacket, but your bottle opener is still there when you need it.

REFLECTIVE CABLING - There is reflective cabling sewn into the front button pockets and on the hood (from the front to the back). They are covered with a thin body-color material to make it barely visible during the day. But, in our proprietary process than maintains 91% of its reflectivity, you will be seen at night even in very dim light.

REFLECTIVE LOGO - The Monkey (Pleepleus) logo on your hoodie is reflective. We used a tinted reflective ink to make our logo subtle and blend in with the fabric color (of all of the ADV3NTURE HOODIE), but it still maintains 95% of its reflective properties. Let our logo be seen when you want/need to be seen!

FOLDABLE GLOVES - The cuffs of the hoodie fold out to serve as gloves. They’ll provide a cozy home for your hands when the weather turns cold. They’re also handy for keeping your beverage cold and your hands warm.

BEVERAGE GRIPS - The pattern on the gloves provides more grip when holding a beverage. But they also add more grip for times when you didn’t know you needed it.

RETURN HOME FEATURE - OK, it's not as much a sophisticated electronic GPS component as it is a place to write your phone number or email address, but it's arguably just as effective. Write your info in the jacket and, if you leave your ADV3NTURE HOODIE somewhere, the finder will know how to contact you!

UNDERARM VENTS- The subcutaneous fat in your body acts as a natural insulator. You have less fat in your armpits, which makes them serve as the your torso’s cooling center. So, a simple vent has been added under the armpits to allow your body to remove excess heat.

VENTILATION ZIPPER - The addition of a bottom zipper enables you to cool off, without having to take off your hoodie. Unzipping just the top zipper can also work, but it may cause your hoodie to slip off your shoulders. By unzipping the bottom zipper, you can cool off, while keeping your hoodie in place.

 OVER-SIZED HOOD - The hood is 5” larger than a standard hoodie, and is lined with super-soft fabric. This enables you to pull the hoodie over your eyes, to shut out the light and help you sleep.

ADJUSTABLE HOOD SNAPS - The hood is over-sized so it can cover your eyes when you want to take a nap. But, there is a button in the back of the hood that let's you adjust the size, so it doesn't cover your eyes other times that you're using the hood.

 EXTRA SOFT HOOD LINING - The hood is lined with extra soft fabric which adds and extra level of insulating. When you're traveling, it creates a nice, soft, home-away-from-home.

DRAWSTRINGS - Use the drawstrings to adjust the hoodie, as well as blocking out the light, while you pull the hoodie over your eyes for a nap.

SIZING - For The Drinking Jacket campaign, we used the "American Sizing Standard" for production of the hoodies. The problem is that people come in all different shapes and sizes. A "Large" man (like Tim over here at ADV3NTURE, for example) is 6' 4" with orangutan arms and weighs 180lbs. Zane, who is 6' (when he stands up reeeeaal straight) and weighs 200lbs also wears a large. The Large ADV3NTURE Hoodie and Jacket both fit them perfectly. For the Drinking Jacket campaign, we did our best. We've listened to everyone's input, and this time we’ve done better— and we've gone a bit bigger in the measurements.

SIZING - We're offering Men's and Women's sizes of the ADV3NTURE Hoodie and ADV3NTURE Jacket. The sizes for Men's and Women's are comparable to a standard hoodie. To find your perfect size, grab your favorite hoodie (soon to be your second favorite hoodie!) and lay it on a flat surface. Grab a tape measure and measure the dimensions that you see in the image below. Then find the size that most closely matches it from the 22 sizes we offer. If you have a question, let us know. We'd love to hear your input!

US & Imperial Measurements

Metric ("International") Measurements

QUALITY IS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT - We are working with one of the top apparel manufacturers to produce the ADV3NTURE Hoodie and Jacket. They produce top-quality garments, and this garment is no different. We have chosen premium fabrics for the hoodies, and they are being sewn with premium threads and stitching.

TEMPERATURE RANGE - The ADV3NTURE Hoodie CLASSIC and LIMITED are medium-weight hoodies which are ideal for cool days 48°F (9C)° to the high 69°F (20°C). The ADV3NTURE Jacket is made with a water-resistant shell and Sherpa lined body, hood and pockets, along with quilted fabric in the arms. It's ideal for temperatures from 33°F (1°C) to 64°F (18°C). However, with proper layering underneath, the Jacket could be worn in temperatures below freezing.

SHIPPING - As soon as the campaign is over, you’ll be mailed a link for a survey. Inevitably, there will be people who will not fill out their survey on time. Last time (with The Drinking Jackets) we waited until 85% of the surveys were in (which took 45 days!) before we began manufacturing. That caused everyone to get their hoodies late. We won’t let that happen this time.

For the ADV3NTURE HOODIE, we’re going to start manufacturing 10 DAYS after the campaign is concluded. Anyone who is later than that will still get their hoodie, BUT it will just be in the second production run, which will be 30-45 days after the first run.

RETURNS - Most Kickstarter campaigns do not have return policies. We do. If you find a manufacturer’s defect, or received the wrong size, you have 30 days to exchange the hoodie. Just follow the directions on the packing slip. If, once you receive your hoodie, you wish to change the size/color (and an alternate is available), there is a $15 fee to cover us shipping you a new hoodie. Just email the address on the packing slip within 30 days of receiving the hoodie. All of the details and customer service info will be included in your order.

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    Neo_Rand-2016 22 days ago

    Hi there,

    Would it be possible for us to get a better rate than the Pledge $510 or more. SIX (6) ADV3NTURE HOODIES (LIMITED) ?

    (6) ADV3NTURE HOODIES (CLASSIC and/or LIMITED) in any size (S-5XL) in Men's and (XS-XL) in Women's. Your choice of color(s) SMOKE & FIRE, BLACK & BLUE, BLACK CAMO, or HERRINGBONE. Includes shipping in the US. "$85/each (save $324) " Future price will be $654 + shipping + handling

    joelleong 19 days ago

    Hey Neo! Let me check in with them on this and get back, though time may be a little tight before the campaign completes.

    Neo_Rand-2016 a month ago

    The ADV3NTURE HOODIE CLASSIC versions have 23 pockets and features, and have color accents in the zipper, bottle-opener zipper pull, and sunglass tag. Total 9 pockets and 14 features.

    Currently on Kickstarter. If Pledge USD$178 = TWO x LIMITED ADV3NTURE HOODIES.

    Video link:

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