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Mrice GranVela E300 Capsule High Fidelity Stereo Earphones

These $15 Earbuds Blow Away Your Expensive Ones

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wvanhest 10 months ago

Killer Sound

Even by Chi-Fi standards, the Mrice E300 offers an absurd price-to-value ratio. So, what do you get for your hard-earned $15? The audio blog consensus is that these buds project the classic V-shaped sound signature. Mrice (or Chintek) audio engineers essentially copied the “Rock” setting on many equalizers: fader bars up on the treble and bass, with the mids suppressed. While it’s true that the highs skew bright, and the lows have surprising impact and extension (almost woofer-like, really), the mids—and let’s face it, this is where the meat of the music resides—are in no way an afterthought. Listen to the E100s at a moderate volume level, the human loudness contour kicks in, and suddenly that signature V-tuning is softened, producing a sound that’s perceived as fairly balanced. Bottom line: Most people who sample these buds think they sound like fancy IEMs.

Full article by Wired here:

joelleong 10 months ago

Nice find at a rad price! Interested to get my hands on a pair of these - a pity that they don't ship directly to Singapore. If this hunt has legs we can definitely organize for the shipping to be split!

We can go one of two routes - have a forwarding company ship them to us or find another supplier like NewEgg. That being said however, I think that shipping to a forwarder won't cost all that much since they are pretty light! Let the HUNT begin!

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