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TUDIA Klip - Your Charging Cable's Protector

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Charging Cables are a Vital Tool in our Lives

Personal electronics play an important role in our modern lives. Keeping them fully charged is required if we want to stay connected. Too often, we are left disappointed because our worn cables are no longer capable of recharging our devices.

Sold in pack of 2 cables in the same color of your choosing. Choose between Gray, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink.

Take Action Before the Damage Starts

Without protection from wear and tear, many experience the inconvenience of having their charging cable break in less than 6 months of use. Many try to repair their broken cables, but struggle to find a permanent solution. Rather than putting a bandage over an open wound, it is better to prevent the damage before it starts. The TUDIA Klip works to stop strain, before wires become exposed and the cable stops working.

The Klip Reduces Strain on Charging Cables by 80%

By covering the sensitive area where the charging cable meets the charging plug, the Klip provides stability and support. By preventing the charging cable from easily bending, the likelihood of your cord fraying and breaking reduces by 80%.

The Costs of Buying Replacement Cables Quickly Adds Up

The Klip allows you to invest in preserving your original charging cable and saves you money in the long term. Rather than buying a new cable, the Klip allows you to preserve your original Apple Lightning or 30-pin cable for only a quarter of the price.

The Klip is Easy to Install

The Klip snaps on to your charging cable in seconds. Frustration free, the simple two-piece design locks in so the Klip stays on tight.

Tiny Size, Big Impact

Despite its small size, the KLIP makes a big impact extending the durability and life of your charging cable. KLIP keeps your cable functioning longer, helping you stay connected and fully charged

The Klip Keeps your Charging Cable Working Longer and Looking Good

Weighing only 0.08 oz, the lightweight design adds very little bulk to your charging cord. Available in 5 different options, the Klip adds personality with a splash of color. The colorful end pieces make your cable stand out and easier to find.

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johnboscong a year ago

"Despite its small size, makes a big impact extending the durability and life of your lightning cable"

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