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Noodler's Neponset Acrylic Flex Fountain Pen (Appalachian Pearl) [2nd Run]

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The Noodler's Neponset Appalachian Pearl Acrylic fountain pen was first introduced in December 2014. The long-awaited new fountain pen is the largest of the Noodler's pen line yet, at 6" long - even larger than the Ahab. The inspiration behind the design of the Neponset fountain pen comes from history: the shape of the Neponset is similar to the dirigible (airship), to which Founder Nathan Tardiff's family has ties.

The Neponset Appalachian Pearl Acrylic fountain pen is fitted with an ebonite feed and 3-tined music nib, called the "Vishnu Victory" in honor of WWII Allied soldiers in India. The name is also in reference to the original material used on the Neponset Blimp, christened by Nathan's grandfather.

LIMITED RELEASE: Through a special collaboration with the Singapore Distributor we've put together a limited release of 10 of these Appalachian Pearl pens. Each of these 10 pens will be personally tweaked by local Nib Master Mr Sunny Koh. These pens are currently out of stock internationally and are slated for a price increase (expected to be USD$10.00) due to rising production costs, and are only expected to retail in Nov later this year.

The 3-tined music nib gives the ability to greatly vary line width, and lays down a generous amount of ink. The pen fills through a slide piston mechanism, which is accessible by removing the barrel. The Neponset Acrylic is made of acrylic acetate, in many gorgeous colors and patterns, with variation in swirl patterns within each color.

Here's a video review from Anderson Pens:

Technical Specs

  • Body Material: Resin
  • Cap Type: Screw-cap
  • Compatible inks & refills: Bottled inks
  • Filling Mechanism: Piston
  • Grip Material: Resin
  • Nib Color: Silver
  • Nib Material: Steel
  • Nib Size: Flex, Music
  • Retractable: No
  • Diameter (body/cap without clip/cap with clip/grip): 14mm / 16mm / 19mm / 11mm
  • Length (body/cap/nib/overall closed): 133mm / 72mm / 21mm / 153mm
  • Weight (body/cap): 15g/8g

Admin & Shipping Info

  • This group order is for a limited release of 10 pens. Each pen will be tweaked by Singaporean nib master Mr Sunny Koh.
  • All prices displayed are in SGD.
  • International orders are available for this hunt.
  • After the hunt ends, we'll update everyone via email. No returns are available.
  • Product ships in 3-4 working days after the campaign ends from the official local distributor of Noodler's Pens, and domestic redistribution will be handled by GroupHunt.
  • Orders are expected to be fulfilled 2 weeks after the hunt ends
Additional Info: Original Link
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