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OUTLIER New Way Shorts

A singular short for the furthest possible use. Tailored for daily wear, engineered for superior performance and swim ready so you can jump in anytime.

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Outlier - New Way Shorts (Tailored, Story)

↗ Tailored for Daily Wear

More than anything, we like to make clothes that people can wear every day and almost everywhere. That means they need to look great and get all the details right. A proper tailored waistband complete with belt loops and a working fly is the heart of a short, literally the whole garment hangs off it. That doesn't mean the other details are any less considered, we obsess over every last stitch, but it all starts with a classic tailored construction.

Outlier - New Way Shorts (Swim Ready, Story)

↗ Swim Ready for Summer Freedom

What good is a pair of shorts in the heat if you aren't ready to jump in the nearest body of water? We built the New Ways to not just work in the water, but to thrive. All four pockets feature flow through pockets for easy swimming. The milspec paracord drawstring at the waist holds them on snug. And most importantly, both the Swedish woven F.Cloth body cloth and American woven Supplex pocketing are water resistant and quick drying so there is no need to change clothes after a beautiful swim.

Outlier - New Way Shorts (Superior Performance, Story)

↗ Engineered for Superior Performance

At Outlier we're deep materialists at heart, we love finding the best stuff out there and we can't build products with anything less. From the air-texturized high-tenacity nylon 6,6 yarns in the two-way stretch body fabric to the lighter weight low denier cousins used in the pocketing, through to the Mil-C-5040 Type III paracord used as drawstrings and the custom designed, Italian made, Mombasa poly slot button. Even the mesh in the flow through pockets is American made and milspec too. Likewise, the YKK zippers come from Georgia, the webbing from Pennsylvania, heck even the thread is essential, we spec only American made T-40 poly core, because if you don't get the details right why bother...

Outlier - New Way Shorts (F. Cloth, Story)

↗ F. Cloth

A garment is only as good as the fabric it is made from. We source the F.Cloth from a vertically integrated mill in Sweden. A 200gsm plain weave with a substantive 35% two-way stretch for freedom of movement. Made from a high tenacity, air texturized nylon 6,6 that is stronger, softer and more matte in appearance than your average polyamide. In other words it's a stronger and better looking material that we can use to create lighter and more comfortable garments.

Outlier - New Way Shorts (DWR, Story)

↗ Eco calibrated DWR

The only thing worse than a soggy bathing suit at dinner is destroying the planet via global warming. Ok we're exaggerating a bit here, but we have taken a baby step toward improving both by using an eco-calibrated DWR cooked up by our Swedish mill that blends C0 and C6 chemistries, creating a quick drying fabric with a substantive water and dirt repellency that uses as little fluorocarbons as possible.



Outlier - New Way Shorts (Nylon Pocketing, Story)

↗ Air Texturized Low Denier Nylon6,6 Pocketing

In the end it's what's inside that counts, so we spend as much time on the pocket fabric as we do on the body. For the shorts we go lightweight with a 100gsm air-texturized, low denier nylon 6,6 plain weave with a quick drying DWR finish. Light and breathable yet super durable, the air texturized fibers are far softer and more matte than what you might think of nylon. Best yet, at least for the time being, we're still able source this stuff from the USA.



Outlier - New Way Shorts (Flow through pockets, Story)

↗ Flow through pockets

This one's a no brainier, a great swim short can't get full of water. We piece in an American made milspec polyester mesh into all four pockets on these shorts. Not much more to it really, durable, breathable, dense enough to keep important things in, open enough to let water just flow through.





Outlier - New Way Shorts (Paracord, Story)

↗ Milspec Paracord Drawstring

American made, milspec, Mil-C-5040 Type III paracord, this is same the stuff paratroopers use when jumping out of airplanes. The core is made from seven strands of three ply nylon, with a 32 strand sheath around it and has a minimum breaking strength of 550 lbs. This stuff is utter and complete overkill for holding up a pair of shorts, but it is pretty damn useful in emergency situations, so a drawstring is as good a thing as any to carry around just in case.


Outlier - New Way Shorts (Button, Story)

↗ Mombasa slot buttons

Unlike traditional buttons, slot buttons are attached using webbing and bar tacks, making them dramatically more secure than regular stitched buttons. Polyester makes the strongest, most stable and washable buttons, but to find polyester buttons that look good we only trust one source, the Gritti family in Italy. These buttons are custom etched for us using their Mombasa texturing process and given a gentle matte finish to create a better looking yet more secure button.



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