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Skull Shot Glass

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Any vodka drinkers out there? If you are looking for a tall and skinny shot glass with the right standard volume, the DownIT skull shot glass may just be the right choice for you, alongside your crystal skull head vodka collectibles. They researched on the existing skull shot glasses in the market but never found one that would suit a premium drinking experience. Hence, they took to building on what was available and improving it by leaps and bounds.

They describe how their Skull Shot Glass is better value for money:

The skull shape designed shot glass may seem unique to some, but there are actually skull designed shot glasses out there in the market currently. We have seen so many cheap skull glass shots and cool shot glasses for sale. But how do we know which skull halloween shots are the best of the best? Lets take a look at this skull shot glass review:

This is perhaps the most commonly seen skull shot glass display picture on many online stores. However, what you must know is that many suppliers are selling versions of this shot glass without a base/bottom. This means that the base is hollow. This means the glass breaks extremely easily since there is no base to withstand pressure when the alcohol cup is slammed down. Apart from the hollow base, the thin glass material also makes the shot glass feel lightweight and of low quality. It feels as though it is made of plastic, and to many buyers, it feels akin to the material used to manufacture test tubes that you can easily find in chemical labs.

We felt that’s not the material buyers are looking out for, because shot glasses are usually made heavier to “pack a punch” and to represent significance. So we took it to ourselves to design a good quality, commonly usable and cool-looking shot glass - at an amazing price.

Presenting the DownIT Skull Shot Glass:

If you want one, vote for GroupHunt to bring in a DownIT skull shot glass now and reserve one as a gift for your friend, or if you want to stock up on some cool looking shot glasses for your next party!

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