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Popov Leather Front Pocket Card Holders

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One thing that we simply can’t get over is the overall value of the Popov Wallets - the care and attention to construction detail on each one is spectacular. Every single Popov Leather wallet is made with the two of the most trusted names in the business: Horween Leather and Tiger thread. By using these two brands and putting them together with expert care, the people at Popov Leather complete the trifecta of the ideal no-nonsense leather good. Included with each piece is a lifetime guarantee.

Today we're hunting their best selling Front Pocket Card Holders. Although it’s called a card holder, it can function as a complete wallet due to the three pockets which can be used for both cards and cash. It’s small enough to easily slide into the front pocket without making it noticeable and the way the outside piece of leather holds everything together guarantees a snug fit for everything its carrying. The design is incredibly attractive and minimalist. Depending on the color you choose, the wallets would look just as at home with a suit as they would with a pair of jeans.

► Water resistant chromexcel leather treated with hot-stuffed with tallow and waxes
► Burnished and polished edges
► Hand sewn with imported Tiger Thread and saddle stitched: stronger than machine stitch.
► Fits up to 5 cards (more if you work in the leather) in the main pocket
► Room for cash or additional cards in wrap-around pocket
► Dimensions closed: 7.3cm wide x 9.5cm high x 0.7cm thick

The popular cardholder design is made with beautiful Horween Chromexcel leather. Select from black, burgundy, cherry, tan and driftwood leather color options. Each cut of leather is organic and unique: colouring may appear slightly different than shown in the images.

Each wallet is saddle stitched. Select from tan, cream, brown, black, or navy threads.

About Popov Leather

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Popov Leather is a small leather fabrication studio dedicated to 100% hand-made goods. Their designs are inspired by contemporary aesthetics and functional, minimalist design. If there is one word to describe Popov Leather, it would be “value”. It's no wonder they've selected the motto of 'high quality leather goods at a fair, honest price.' The wallets are individually handcrafted and finished in a similar fashion to products from much pricier outfits.

Here are some pictures of the Front Pocket Leather Wallet being used over time.

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  • No returns are available.
  • Product warranty lies between the customer and Popov Leather. Communications and return shipping will be borne by the customer.
  • Product ships in 3-4 weeks after the campaign ends from Popov Leather in Canada to our local distribution center, and domestic orders will be handled and shipped by GroupHunt.
  • Estimated ship date is 8th Sept 2015
oskarl a year ago

Lightweight, tough, and minimalist wallets - with a lifetime guarantee. If you're looking for a wallet with real 'value', you've just found it.

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