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"Bag To Movie" Limited Edition Tathata SWIFT Bag

Limited Edition of the Popular Tathata Swift 4-way Carry Bags

Suggested by Sheryl Teng
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50 Orders

This current run has ended, but there are more recent runs for "Bag To Movie" Limited Edition Tathata SWIFT Bag. Click here to go to the most recent run.

$100 / pc
Original MSRP: $178
Delivery: Free
50 Orders
156 Ordered!
Expected Delivery: Early - Mid June 2016
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Available for the 1st time in SG, in refreshing new colors for 2016!

For this hunt we are excited to bring you new colorways for the popular SWIFT carry-all bag at a one-time promotional price point. The usual designs will be available, as well as the latest "Bag To Movie" series, available exclusively on Grouphunt. Get up to 28% OFF Retail + Free Local Courier Shipping!

Introducing the SWIFT "Bag To Movie" limited edition series carryall, inspired by the magic of modern day story-telling:

Carry an iconic tale in popular culture with you wherever you go, with 3 intricate designs that represent the magic of story-telling -> "Moby Dick", "Gravity" and "The Jungle Book". Be the first in Singapore to own one of these beautiful designed utility bags!

Online Retail: 132 USD (SGD178 ~)

Grouphunt Price: SGD 140

"Out To Nature" Limited Edition Series - SGD 120 per bag

In collaboration with designers inspired by the beauty of nature around us. With 3 intricately painted designs that showcase the spirit of the lake, mountain and beach, "Out to Nature" is a reminder of our often forgotten intimate relationship with the wild.

The Original Designs: Affordable Bags for your everyday life - S$100

Online Retail: 92 USD (SGD125 ~) Grouphunt Price: SGD 100

The SWIFT is the largest carry all bag from the popular Tathata Live Series - a collection of bags and everyday carry's that are designed to be versatile and flexible, so as to match up to our different needs in life. It's unique 4 way carry makes it a supremely versatile piece in your daily everyday carry. Available in 4 amazing colors!

SWIFT Brick SWIFT Wild SWIFT Sky SWIFT Yellowstone

4 different carrying styles to suit your mood!

About Tatatha

Launched in 2012, TA.THA.TA [ตะ.ถะ.ตา] is a young emerging Thai brand born out of love for leatherwork and its timelessness. The brand prides itself on using genuine high quality leather that has been carefully selected and crafted by hand to the best specification. Each piece is beautifully handmade in Bangkok. The bags are handmade with a high quality, natural canvas that is a unique mix of cotton, printed canvas and jean. Shiny brass rivets that provide a natural well aged look without the rusting used is chosen for the metal crooks and buckles, layered by the front and back leather straps made of high quality vegetable leather covered in waterproof wax.

Product Specs
- Width: 40cm - Height: 36cm - Depth: 15cm - Material: Canvas 14 oz., polyester (waterproof coated), color dipping vegetable leather - Features: 4 way carry, outer pockets, front pocket with zip, inner laptop pocket, inner pen pocket
Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is for those residing in Singapore only. - For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at - After the hunt ends, we will update everyone via email with details on shipping - Product ships in about 2-3 weeks after campaign ends. Estimate ship date to SG is End May - Early June 2016
Additional Info: Original Link

Hello when are you guys closing the order ?

Hey Amy :) Hunt ends on 18th May 2016 at 0800h. I'd jump on this if I were you!

changingnee 5 months ago

At firstthe closing datewas 17th, then 18th at 0800h, and now you are extending it again till 2000h. When is the actual closing date?? Will the price be even lower with more people ordering?

good morning changingnee :) you are on this like a hawk! we're still on schedule for this Hunt, delivery dates are not affected, and the extension only means more members can get in and make the purchase at the lowest price, which has been unlocked :) thanks for joining us!

Simone Seow 6 months ago

Got this on the previous hunt. Love the bag... BUT... don't use it if you're wearing white. The dye from the bag will rub off on your clothes.

joelleong 6 months ago

Thanks for sharing this Simone! Great to know =D

I know right!! I'm using the Tathata SWIFT Sky (white/blue) for about close to 4 months now... love the look and design. Space wise it's also surprisingly good, have been using it to carry alot of heavy stuff (cameras/laptops/shoes) with no worry at all..

So far haven't experienced the bleed off from the dye - think it's mainly coz I've been using the white/blue basic version. Perhaps the dye comes through for the limited edition ones as they have more complex colors/prints on the outer side?

What version are you using Simone?

tathatabrand 6 months ago

Hi Simone,

I'm Kivi from TA.THA.TA. Thank you for let us know. Could you please give me your email address? I will contact you directly.

Now our new version of all bags will change to colorfast canvas so the color will not running off. No worry about it again. We test it by soaking piece of fabric in water around 30 minutes and it's okay. The color don't bleed off.

Looking forward to your reply soon ;) Thank you Kivi

johnbosco 6 months ago

Hey Kivi! Welcome to Grouphunt! It's always great to have makers be part of the conversation here :) Thanks for taking time to answer this - glad to hear that the colors are test and secure, super excited about the new range!

violetfum 5 months ago

Hi, I am from Malaysia, if I make a purchase, may I know what is the courier charges?

Hey Violet :) Welcome to Grouphunt!

I have checked with Singpost and 1 beautiful Tathata Bag packed in a tough polymailer bag with Registered Shipping will cost SGD 12.40. Of course, we can always put it in a box for you if you prefer but that will cost in the region of SGD 16-18. Our target is to always save you as much as possible but also to get the item in perfect condition to wherever it is going.

ssondra 4 months ago

Hi Grouphunt!

I just received my bag from the May 2016 run! Here's my quick review:

  1. Top notch quality

I'm loving the colour (got the Swift Wild; green and blue one) and the minimalist look of it all. The bag seems to be of good quality, but honestly i have yet to put it to the test - will be loading it with books and worksheets to see if it can take the weight! I like that the material is tough and not flimsy and there aren't any frayed threading. Zippers run smoothly!

  1. Missing accessory

However, i realise my bag came without the leather clip-on for the top handle. As a result, i cannot be 'lazy' or leave my bag unzipped as when i carry it as a backpack, the top simply flares out and it's a free-for-all for anyone to dip their hands in. I either have to carry it as a tote, or zip it all the way - which is just annoying for me Is there a way that Tathata can rectify this? Does anyone else have a similar problem?

  1. Width of handles

I have quite the small frame. Thus the handles, when used in the backpack style, sit uncomfortably far apart for me. Compared to my other backpacks, this can be quite a strain to have to adjust , especially if I am out with it the entire day. So just a heads up for the rest of you!

Hey Ssondra!

That is an AMAZING review and we are so loving it!

Kivi from TA.THA.TA. is always happy to hear about the bags. I am sure she will be interested in what you have mentioned.

Drop us an email at and let us reward you for this superb review! Plus we can chat a little more about the questions you might have.

Thanks again Ssondra!

ssondra 4 months ago

:) thanks! dropped you guys an email

cheahjing 4 months ago

Hello! Can I ask when will the bags arrive? I bought it during the May run (:

joelleong 4 months ago

Hey cheahjing! We've actually received stock and shipped them out a couple of weeks ago! If you've not yet received your bag, feel free to write in to us so we can help you out! =D

astonchia 6 months ago

Hi! For this hunt how many people are needed before this deal is on?:)

hey aston, i believe the deal is on! we're past the numbers required. get on it!

astonchia 6 months ago

Thanks !!:) I have placed the order:)

meow9675 6 months ago

Can anyone advise on the Moby Dick design? Will the colour runs too?

orders accepted. when is the delivery?

joelleong 5 months ago

Hi sepna! Thanks for checking in =)

We just received news from Tathata that the bags are expected to be shipped to us on the 14th. We've already made preparations to receive and repack it once it arrives at our warehouse, so we can ship it out almost immediately once it arrives. If you've placed an order, you'll receive an email notification once the bags have shipped. Thanks and have a great week ahead!

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