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ORISTAND - A truly affordable stand up desk

$25 foldable stand up desk designed and sold by the Hootsuite team

Suggested by joelleong

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Original MSRP: $36
31 / 25
requested for this
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Oristand is there when you need it and folds flat when you don’t. Finally, a stand up desk that’s good for your back, your wallet & our planet.

SIMPLE - No screws. No assembly. No instructions needed. Ori's simplicity is the result of a lengthy design process focused on getting you all of the functionality with none of the fuss.

FLEXIBLE - Ori was designed to keep you and your workspace as flexible as possible. We've made sure to accommodate a wide range of laptops, people, keyboards and desks.

AFFORDABLE - Industrial grade cardboard is light, strong and affordable. Not to mention it is 100% recyclable. Meaning you can save some cash and we can save some trees.


Available in white, natural, or black.

Product Specs
- patent pending design - industrial grade cardboard available in white, black or natural - ships flat in a protective box measuring 30″ x 23″ x 2″ - no assembly required - 100% recyclable - made in the USA
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mimimomo 4 days ago

any updates?

joelleong a year ago

It doesn't ship internationally though - let's hunt it!

kopisiewdai 3 months ago

Sorry, just saw that $282 is just the shipping cost.

hey coffee less swet!

we're in touch with them but they have reminded us that orders in packs of 20 are in one colour only ie. no mixing and matching for a pack of 20. which would mean we would need at least 20 orders of each colour to be able to purchase a complete pack. which sounds so possible with the amount of reach and jio-ing we can achieve on Grouphunt!

let's see how this goes then :)

kopisiewdai 3 months ago

Any update on this? The oristand now ships internationally. I believe it's $282 for a pack of 20 to Singapore.

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