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Pokeball Game Controller

A Kinetic Motion Controller for The Game Everyone is Playing

Suggested by Simon Lea

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We developed a gaming controller that works with the #1 app in the world. Simply throw this ball and catch'm like a real trainer.

We all know how amazing this app is. The one thing missing is a tangible ball to catch’m with! So we decided to do something about it. We set in motion a plan to design a connected device that actually works as a controller with the #1 app in the world.


The ball is durable enough for impact with the ground and made out of a soft safe rubberized foam material. So you can throw it! It actually pairs with the App and you can throw just as a real trainer would. We use a complex list of technologies to do this. But it boils down to using the same technology that powers SnapChat's face detection. If you add that with the data we get from accelerometer, plus a two way detection from Bluetooth, we can create actions in the game based on it's pinpoint location from the camera.


It the exact same way you would use your remote from your favorite consoles, you can also use the ball as a handheld gestured remote for the game. This is great if you are in a hard to reach area, or there is water or some other obstacle that may harm your trainer ball.


To really take it over the top we built in a USB backup power bank to charge virtually any phone battery! Now, the only thing left is to finish our licensing agreement and raise enough money in pre-orders to begin manufacturing our product. So we can finally catch them the way they were meant to be caught!

Because the ball allows you to catch'm like they were always meant to be caught, using the ball requires building real skill. Get ready to experience playing the game the way a real trainer would! Have fun!

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Simon Lea 2 months ago

Fantastic tech meets real world device!

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