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Soylent - Meal replacement drink

Simple, healthy, and affordable food - optimum nutrition at an outstanding per-calorie value

Suggested by patricktan

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patricktan a year ago

I'm really interested to try Soylent and think that it could well be the future of food. The creators claim it is a full day of optimized balanced nutrition made in 3 minutes for $3/meal. I did a run down of the ingredients check and according to the listing they are indeed outstanding per-calorie value.

johnbosco a year ago

Hey Patrick - I heard about Soylent awhile back, but it's the first time I actually watched through the video! Thanks for sharing!

It does sounds really compelling...I can see how it might prove useful in providing affordable sustenance in certain settings (war/disaster relief), but to contemplate eating this for the rest of my life kinda depressing, no offence!

My golden question is how does it taste? Does it have variety? Do you think it can replace 100% the texture nuances we get from different foods/meats/spices? The possibility of a dystopian future where everyone lives off vitamin pills worries me... haha

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