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Salt Away 128 fl oz (3.79 l)

Kills salt. Pure and simple.

Suggested by Faraway

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Faraway 5 months ago

Non-toxic, bio-degradable, non-hazardous. 1:9 dilution ratio means it is a no-rinse required solution and can be put in a small spray bottle for the tackle box. Perfect for when it's not possible to immediately rinse off your gear after fishing - such as offshore trips or for extended travelling home periods from overseas saltwater ponds.

Especially useful for trips to SCS and rompin, where different gears are used for day and night - after finishing with the day equipment, spray on and leave it while using the night equipment and vice versa.

This is the concentrate solution. At the 1:9 ratio, it'll give 34 litres of solution! Tested safe for spectra and monofilament line - they soaked the lines for 3 months in a concentration 5 times the recommended dosage and there were no differences in the strength tests. See their dedicated fishing page at page.htm

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