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NPKC Rainbow keycaps

Rainbow keycaps available in Side-printed, Top-printed and blanks!

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$48.50 / pc
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Original MSRP: $72$
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4 Orders
Max. 8
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Expected Delivery: Late Jan to Early Feb 2016
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Rainbow Keycaps

Maybe it's time you added some spice onto your keyboard! Keycaps can add quite a lot of character to the plain keyboard you already have. The rainbow theme means that it fits well onto any keyboard and any form factor and the printing can be chosen be it blanks or printed on the sides or top to suit your setup and liking.

Made from PBT plastic, which is more durable and better feeling than the regular ABS plastic on your OEM board. PBT is more resistant to the oils from your hands and doesn't become gooey and shiny like ABS keycaps. It's not just for looks, it's about the feel and auditory feedback too, PBT has a different and rougher texture which means that your fingers slide around the board like butter. Also with the denser nature of PBT, the keycaps actually produce a deeper sound when you bottom out which makes your keyboard sound much more high quality.

Available in 108 keycap set with 3 kinds of printing configurations (Side printed, Top printed and Blank keys). For this hunt, we'll need a minimum of 5 orders in order for it to go through

Printing Configurations

Blank Keys

Top Printed

Admin & Shipping info:

  • This group order is only available for those residing in Singapore.
  • For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note athello@grouphunt.sgbefore ordering.
  • No returns are available for this deal
  • After this hunt ends, everyone will be updated everyone via email. Self Collection and Shipping options available at checkout
  • Product ships directly from the US in about 4-5 weeks after campaign ends
  • Estimated ship date is late Jan to early Feb 2016
Additional Info: Original Link
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