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Traveler's Factory Money Clip

Introducing the original money clip by the Travelers factory, launched on December 8th 2015.

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The Toraberazunoto of leather is cut into rectangles and subsequently forms the two-fold, with a single simple hand-sewn part to stop the clip. It's the ultimate compact wallet that focused on the function of sandwiching your bills.

It's an extremely pleasant experience to use. The coin is placed in a coin case, and cards are placed in the card case to overlap. Your bills are, of course, placed within the money clip. It's compact, and does not get in the way or inflate your pockets, and has a casual feel which makes one feel pleasant at the time of the accounting. In addition, since it's slim and compact, it is convenient as a sub-wallet for your journey, where it's all about the comfort

In addition, with wear, the money clip becomes more tasteful the more you use it. These qualities also make a great gift.

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