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MAGNETIPS™ - Incredible Magnetic Pens!

Refillable fineliners combined with super strong Neodymium magnets.

Suggested by joelleong

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Original MSRP: $75
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Magnetips are not your average fine-liners. As well as being refillable, each one of our Patent-Pending pens also contains two super strong Neodymium magnets. This means that they attract one another (or any metal surface), becoming the centre-piece of your desktop. Colouring is only the beginning!

We noticed that when unused, most of our favourite colouring pens just added to our desk clutter. When finished, they become useless, resulting in a large amount of waste added to our garbage pile. So…we set down at Typica and thought how we could do better. We ended up designing a beautiful and refillable set of pens that not only writes and colours beautifully, but also helps to reduce waste. But we didn't stop there. By adding two super strong Neodymium magnets to each of our pens, we gave the pens a life of their own, making each set into an object in its own right, both useful and playful in countless ways, even beyond colouring, sketching, and writing.

MAGNETIPS are designed to be the centre-piece of your desk.

Black Edition

Color Edition

Plus, even more cool features!

Strong magnets allow drawing in new ways

They will strongly attach to most metal surfaces

Take them with you

Or wear them in or out of your pocket!

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joelleong 8 months ago

Really cool concept for color pens - I love that in it's static state it can be used as a functional piece of table top stationery since I always used to lose mine or never had a good place to store a set! An individual pledge would set you back by SGD $75 including shipping - we could Grouphunt it for $60 each if we just get a group of 3!

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