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Carbon 6 Forged Carbon Fiber Glow Rings

Yes, these are real and yes these glow. Carbon6 Forged Carbon Fiber rings are hand-crafted using a unique forging method to offer the strength and lightness of carbon fiber in a striking marbled design that catches light to reveal deep, radiant layers. After dark, the Lume ring's interior can be charged with any UV light source to give off an intense glow for a truly modern look. All luminescent inserts are made with safe materials. Glow times vary by color, with green offering the brightest glow and longest glow time and red and white fading fastest. Green, blue, and purple glow intensely for several minutes after being charged, followed by several hours of afterglow. Red and white offer an intense glow for about a minute, followed by a 10- to 15-minute afterglow.

Suggested by Farzyl N Fatt

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