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Razer Nabu Watch

Live smarter with the Razer Nabu Watch

Suggested by mys7ix
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$229.90 / pc
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Original MSRP: $249.90$
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15 Orders
30 Orders
40 Orders
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Expected Delivery: Mid-End March 2016
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Live Smarter with the Razer Nabu Watch.

The Razer Nabu Watch is our ultimate expression of a wrist-worn wearable that is For Gamers. By Gamers.

It brings together our expertise in design and wearables, to forge a full-featured digital watch with smart functions. With complete mastery of your time, you can truly Live Smarter.



The Razer Nabu Watch features a unique secondary screen that streams notifications from your smartphone – calls, texts, emails, app alerts, and more – right to your wrist.

Raise wrist to activate Nabu secondary screen

Single touch to cycle through info


The Razer Nabu Watch’s in-built accelerometer and highly accurate algorithms log your daily steps, distance traveled, calories burnt, hours slept and more – so you are always on top of your health and fitness game.



Connect your Razer Nabu Watch to the downloadable companion app to ensure the time is hyper-accurate to the global standard. Also view all your fitness data in one convenient place and access additional features like Phone Remote Control.


When most smartwatches have to be recharged after a day's use, the Nabu Watch stays on your wrist and keeps going forever. A year-long battery life makes it a highly reliable timepiece, while the secondary screen need only be charged once a week.


12 months coin cell replaceable battery life


7 days rechargeable battery life


Watch Hardware:

  • 12 months battery life using replaceable coin cell battery (CR2032)
  • Hourly time signal
  • 1/100 second stopwatch
    Measuring capacity: 23:59'59.99"
    Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time
  • Countdown Timer
    Measuring unit: 1 second
  • Full Auto Calendar
  • 12/24 hour formats
  • 3 multi-function alarms (Daily or weekly repeats)
  • World Time
  • Time, World Time and Alarms auto synced to phone time or manually adjusted via Nabu app

Nabu Hardware:

  • OLED 128x16 single color
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Cylindrical vibration motor
  • Single Button for OLED Screen
  • Lithium polymer battery with up to 7 days battery life
  • 5ATM water resistance rating
  • Shock Resistant up to 5m
  • Charging via magnetic proprietary USB cable
  • Wireless syncing with mobile device via BLE


Product Specs
Digital Watch: - Hourly time signal - 1/100 second stopwatch - Full auto calendar - World time - 12/24-hour formats - Countdown timer (1second unit) - 12 months battery life (CR2032) Secondary Nabu Screen: - Single-colour OLED display (128x16) - 5ATM water resistance - Shock resistance up to 5m - 7-day lithium polymer rechargeable battery
Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is for the Razer Nabu Watch Standard Edition. - This group order is for those residing in Singapore only. - For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at - After the hunt ends, we will update everyone via email - Estimated ship date: End March 2016
Additional Info: Original Link
Simone Seow 9 months ago

Thursday (US Time) Razer's having 50% off. So.... :)

The site crashed (as expected) :(

Hope you got what you wanted.

Tristanity 9 months ago

looking forward too!

Good news for everyone waiting for the Nabu. If we can get 40 orders or more, it'll be at $199.90 which is 25% off their original retail price. This is almost unheard of for Razer's latest products.

Unfortunately the Forged Edition is not available.

marcusdeming 8 months ago

Is it the same price for the forged edition? If we get the normal edition can we purchase the forged edition strap?

Forged edition is not available as it's exclusive to Razer's online store so pricing shown is for the normal edition. The straps are not sold separately as far as I know.

is the price in usd or sgd?

It's in SGD

Launched at the recent CES, the Razer Nabu Watch just blew the other wearables out of the park. The Nabu Watch combines excellent design with great functionality and what some may have found previously lacking in the Nabu should be pleased to see just how much more was added to the Nabu Watch.

As a full-function watch, the Nabu Watch can be the best companion for anyone who loves going outdoors. I can't wait to own one!

Razer's SG page did not seem to indicate the correct retail price so I'll take it that it's US$149.99 actually.

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