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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. -Helen Keller - Fundraiser for Mr Tan Soy Kiang- The Shiok Collective is bringing together the kampung to CARE for Uncle Tan! We are using local orders/payments startup Grouphunt (who have agreed to waive all transaction fees for this campaign) to raise funds for Uncle Tan. Donations from Individuals and Corporations are welcome, in cash or in kind. MAKING A DONATION: $1 is our base donation, if you'd like donate more just add more units by changing the quantity of pledges (e.g If you'd like to donate $100, just indicate 100 units), currency is Singapore Dollars. You will need to register for an account to donate. This helps us be transparent and accountable for all the contributors to Mr. Tan's cause. Once you submitted an order, you will recieve an email with the details to complete your bank transfer. To note for Bank Transfers: 1) Enter the unique transaction code when doing the bank transfer. You will get this in the confirmation email. 2) Use FAST transfer if not using a POSB/DBS account. This helps facilitate our reconciliation. 3) If you are planning to transfer via ATM, please remember to take a picture of your receipt & reply to your confirmation email. *It's slightly more troublesome with bank transfers, but this helps bypass hefty transaction fees from payment processors. This means all the help can be directed towards the care of Mr. Tan. DISCLOSURE: Funds collected will be used to: 1.) Make donations to Mr Tan 2.) Buy / pay for necessities for Mr Tan Please be reminded that $1 is a minimum pledge. To donate more, simply add more under quantity. Corporate donors interested to make contributions in kind should email
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Mr Tan was conned of his life savings and he now has to work full-time at 70 years old and borrow money just to feed himself. Lets help him repay his debt and support 70 year old Mr Tan's needs.

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