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Tiemco Critter Tackle Skip Minnow 4

Floating skipping-special soft plastic bait

Suggested by johnbosco
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$10.50 / pc
Original MSRP: $14.50
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3 Orders
5 Orders
10 Orders
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Expected Delivery: Late April - Early May 2016
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Become a Skipping Master Today:

With the big fish potential of shallow cover/obstructions that are sometimes impossible to pitch, professional anglers commonly utilise the skipping technic. What's skipping? It's the use of a low trajectory cast that literally bounces across the water's surface, skittering the lure further back into strike zones previously unreachable by traditional casting. It's a common 'pro' technique that isn't easy to master, but with the Tiemco Critter Tackle Skip Minnow 4" you can be a skipping master too! The Skip Minnow's unique body design makes it an easy task to cast deep into the shades. Best way to work it back is to jerk it out - this method often takes big fishes out of their depths. Best used with a #3/0 offset hook.

Grouphunt Deal:

For this deal we are bringing not only the Critter Tackle Skip Minnow, but also the Tiemco Super Living Fish 4" which is a high quality good soft plastic 3D action shad from Japan. Enjoy 32% savings on these versatile soft plastics when you join the hunt!

  • Retail Price: S$14.5
  • Grouphunt Deal: S$9.5 (10 orders or more)

This means if we get 10 or more orders, everyone gets their lures at S$9.5 per pack!

Working the Lure:

Models & Colors Available:

Critter Tackle Skip Minnow 4" - Comes in a pack of 3 pcs

Super Living Fish 4" - Comes in a pack of 6 pcs (+S$2)

It rolls and the tail swings; which is called "3D action" and what we had been looking for years. For: Mid-strolling technique, Shadding, Drop-shot, Trailer for small jigs, Bug-tune, etc. Truly versatile.

Product Specs
- Length: 4 Inches - Skip Minnow is best used with a #3/0 offset hook.
Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is organised in partnership with one of the largest distributors of fishing tackle in South East Asia, authenticity is assured. - We ship internationally for Fishing products. If you are ordering outside of SG, additional shipping applies. Select the International shipping option during checkout. - No returns are available for this deal. - After this hunt ends, everyone will be updated everyone via email. - Product arrives in about 1-2 weeks after end of order period. - Estimated ship date is Late April - Early May 2016.
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johnbosco 6 months ago

Freaking lifelike soft plastic!

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