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Bassday Beetle Bun 30F

A must-have in the insect lure range - ぶん・こぶん!

Suggested by colinwong
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$12.50 / pc
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5 Orders
10 Orders
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Expected Delivery: Late March 2016
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A must-have in the world of insect pattern lures!

The Beetle Bun is truly a masterpiece as one of the forerunners in the world of insect patterned system plugs. Bassday's superior attention to detail, engineered lively action and most importantly the 30mm size checks all the boxes - you might mistake it for a real bug in your tackle box!

How to Use:

Whenever you see a rise, just simply casting and leaving her alone on the surface will trigger bites easily. In the case where there are no rises, slowly surface cranking it will result in a slight wobble with a big undertow. Best used after rain, targeting shy fishes - With its small size, the Beetle Bun will attract even the most wary of fishes. Target Arowanas, Gouramis and of course the ever present Peacock Bass in our local waters! The satisfaction you will get from using bug lures is indescribable!

Grouphunt Deal

If you are keen to explore a new fishing method, or just wanting to frame and keep as an collectors item - Don't miss this rare opportunity to get the Bassday Beetle Bun 30F at a massive discount! Join the hunt and save together as a community:

  • Retail Pricing: S$19.5
  • GroupHunt Pricing: S$12.5 (15 orders and more)

This means if we get 15 orders or more, everyone saves $7 (36% off) per lure!

Lure Actions:

Colors Available:

Product Specs

Beetle Bun 30F:

  • Action wide wobbling
  • Size 30 mm
  • Weight 4.5 g
  • Hook # 8
  • Ring # 2
Admin & Shipping Info
  • This group order is organised in partnership with one of the largest local distributors of fishing tackle in SG, authenticity is assured
  • For orders outside of Singapore, please select "International Order" as the shipping option at checkout. A flat fee of S$6 per lure applies. Worldwide shipping.
  • No returns are available for this deal
  • After this hunt ends, everyone will be updated everyone via email.
  • Product arrives in about 1 week after end of order period
  • Estimated ship date is end March 2016
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colinwong 7 months ago

Always had a thing for unique pint sized lures - this one absolutely takes the cake! Imagine using this immediately after rain, which typically washes unsuspecting insects and other crevices into the water. With its small size it's going to be less suspicious to even the most wary, seasoned bass.... Just cast it near overhanging trees and wait for a big take!

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