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The Fish Grip Jr

Lightweight and doesn't damage fish, or your pockets!

Suggested by yanhan

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The Fish Grip does not harm the fish, and its a well constructed inexpensive product.

The Fish Grip also comes in a smaller “JR” version suited to smaller mouthed fish like Golden Perch, Bass, and Trout. Smaller in size, weight and profile but the same gripping capabilities and range of colours. Perfect for fisherman, or when walking the banks, clamping a pair to your shirt or pants is barely noticeable weighing only 60gms.

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yanhan a year ago

floats, holds fish up to 50 pounds, does not puncture the mouth, single hand operation and lightweight 60 grams.

johnbosco a year ago

no rusting too! does it weight fish also, or is it just a grip :) great suggestion, keep them coming!!

yanhan a year ago

just a grip, we'll have to start another hunt for a weighing scale then! boga very expensive, maybe we can get a good deal.

johnbosco a year ago

sounds like a plan! start a hunt for the boga! I'll help you push :)

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