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Drunk Stoned or Stupid (Party Game)

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Each round, a card is read aloud and the group decides who is most likely to


"Usually the only people I credit for being clever, relevant, and hilarious are myself and sometimes Stephen Colbert, but the cards of party game DRUNK STONED OR STUPID demonstrate there might be a few others out there deserving of the compliments.", October 18, 2014


First, a player declares themselves the judge and reads a card aloud. Each person then says who in the group should be tagged with this card and why. In no time you’re sharing stories of the stupid things you and your friends have done, defending yourself from “false” accusations, and getting to really know your friends.

Playing DRUNK STONED OR STUPID is comparable to the most amazing feeling you’ve ever had — if you could capture that feeling and multiply it by a thousand. Can you really put a price on that?

Yes. $15.00 (plus $5 shipping)

Founders Noah and Trevor Mayer at DRUNK STONED STUPID, LLC worldwide corporate headquarters, San Diego, California.
Founders Noah and Trevor Mayer at DRUNK STONED STUPID, LLC worldwide corporate headquarters, San Diego, California.


1. The game begins when one player declares himself judge, draws a card, and reads it aloud.

2. The player to the left of the judge then provides a story, or other convincing reason, for who in the group should be “tagged” with the card. The accused then tries to defend himself.

3. Play continues around the group with each player stating who they think deserves the card and why— the currently accused or someone else. All players get to make their case.

4. The judge considers all arguments and makes the final ruling. Whoever is officially tagged with that card keeps the card (along with the shame), and loses a point (-1).

5. Each round has a new judge, starting with the player sitting to the left of the previous judge.

6. When a player reaches negative 7 points the game ends and that player is declared the loser. Each player in the group now reads aloud all of the cards they have been tagged with.


Over the past six months we’ve tested the game, designed the package, and built a website. We even got our suits tailored.

But now we need your help. Why? Because we believe that our current business model, based solely on free PDF downloads of the game, is not sustainable.

We need $10,000 in order to print a real box with real cards.

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sihanko a year ago

one of the best party games around!

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