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FPR Flex Nibs

Declare your independence from overpriced pens/nibs!

Suggested by San Yong
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15 Orders

This current run has ended, but there are more recent runs for FPR Flex Nibs. Click here to go to the most recent run.

$7 / pc
Original MSRP: $17.28
Delivery: $0 - $4
15 Orders
26 Ordered!
Expected Delivery: Early Aug to Mid Aug 2016
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Looking for a cheap flex nib?

FPR Flex Nib allows you to do just that with your own favorite fountain pen!

This nib would enable you to swap your own fountain pen nib to this cheap yet good flex nib with ease! Always wanted a cheap reusable pen unlike the Jinhao G nib mod?

The Fountain Pen Revolution is an Indian Company that makes several Indian affordable fountain pens with different nib sizes and nib types. The FPR Flex nibs are actually quite similar to that of Noodler's. Their nibs are adequately smooth though sometimes an unaltered normal fountain pen feed would be unable to keep up with the flex. It also writes pretty well as a daily writer too!

Do note that the #6 size nibs might require some modding before being able to fit into pens like the Jinhao 450/750/159. There have been reviews that it will fit the Twsbi 540 too! #5.5 size nibs are said to fit most #5 jinhao pens! Do check out if your pens are able to fit the nib before purchase :)

Choices In the Hunt:


We offer two sizes of nibs in our hunt - #5.5 & #6. Do note that there is a S$2 surcharge for the larger sized #6 nibs.

Option to add-on Ebonite feeds (+$4):

There are 3 different sizes of feeds: 4.7mm, 5.1mm or 6.3mm. The measurements refer to the diameter of the feed, so if you are looking to get one for your own pen, do check the sizes carefully! :) The 4.7mm and 5.1mm ones are for the #5.5 size nibs only while the 6.3mm ones are for the #6 nibs!

Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is only available for those residing in Singapore. For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at before ordering. - Product is sourced directly from Fountain Pen Revolution. - After this hunt ends, everyone will be updated everyone via email. - Product arrives in about 3 weeks after end of order period. - Estimated ship date is Early Aug to Mid Aug 2016.
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Aladdin Teng 4 months ago

If I get the nib and feed, can I use it on a Jinhao x750?

San Yong 3 months ago

The FPR nib and fit aren't an exact fit for the Jinhao. If you are interested, you can also attempt to modify the nib in the link below :) Alternatively, you can also join our interest checks for your favourite FPR flex pen instead! :)

ivanhlb 4 months ago

What kind of adjustments are needed for the Jinhao x750?

San Yong 4 months ago

Hey there, you can actually refer to this reddit thread regarding the modding for the #6 nib to fit the Jinhao x750: Cheers :)

calvinchiu 4 months ago

Any idea which nib should I choose for Lamy Vista???

Leonard Tan 4 months ago

Hi, this would not work for a Lamy.

rabbitship 4 months ago

Any idea what holders it would work for? Interested in getting one to try..

San Yong 4 months ago

Hi there Rabbtship :) I suppose you are referring to holders that are used in dip pen calligraphy? Regarding that I'm not too sure whether these fountain pen nibs are able to fit in any dip pen holders :/ If you are interested in trying these flex nib out you do not have any suitable pen to do so, you can actually join our interest check for the FPR Jaipur Fountain Pen that we currently have ongoing! You are also able to suggest any other FPR pens that you are interested in getting! Cheers :)

May I know which size nib will fit the TWSBI Eco?

San Yong 2 months ago

The 5.5 size one would fit the Eco just right :)

justinho 4 months ago

Would this fit the Pilot Metropolitan?

San Yong 4 months ago

Hi there Justin, The Pilot Metropolitan has a specially designed nib and feed that are only interchangeable with other lower ends pilot pens such as the plumix or prera but thats about it! This FPR Flex nib wouldn't be able to fit the Pilot Metro :( Cheers :)

Hong Xiang Kuan 4 months ago

Hi, if I wanna swap it into a twsbi 580, is it possible, and which size+feed do I need?

WinterOasis 4 months ago

#5.5 should fit. The feed won't work with TWSBI because they use their own screw feed

Hong Xiang Kuan 4 months ago

Hmms so I can just buy the nib and use the original feed?

WinterOasis 4 months ago

its what i read. Im going to try it out for myself

San Yong 6 months ago

A cheap flex nib that can be used to mod your own fountain pens! A good contender in the current flex pen market: A long lasting solution as compared with the Jinhao-G Nib mod, and an affordable alternative as compared to vintage nibs. Many say this is quite similar to the Noodler's Flex nibs too.

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