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Podo - The First Stick and Shoot Camera

Stick Podo anywhere to capture any moment and any angle, with full wireless control.

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$69 / pc
Original MSRP: $90
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6 Orders
12 Orders
18 Orders
24 Orders
55 Ordered!
Expected Delivery: Mar 2017 (with chance of early delivery)*
*Crowdfunding projects may face external delay
This is a group pre-order for a crowdfunding project. As such, Grouphunt is not able to guarantee the estimated delivery date as advertised by the creator, similar to if you were to place the pledge on your own. What we promise is to redistribute it immediately once we receive the goods.
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Important: This particular hunt is a group pre-order for a crowdfunding project. By joining you agree that GroupHunt is a pure logistics facilitator and is not able to guarantee the final product and estimated delivery date as advertised by the creator, similar to if you were to place the pledge on your own. What we promise is to place the order on the group’s behalf, and to redistribute it once we have received the goods.

Please note: If the Podo campaign reaches their $600k stretch goal, they will aim to fulfill everyone's products by Christmas. To be fully transparent, we've stated the estimated delivery date as Mar 2017 (with buffer), but rest assured that as always - once we get the products, we ship them to you immediately. ✌️






•Stick Podo onto a nearby surface.

•Shoot awesome photos, videos, or time lapse, hands-free. 

Your phone gives you complete control over the Podo.
Your phone gives you complete control over the Podo.
The micro-adhesive pad lets Podo stick on basically anything.
The micro-adhesive pad lets Podo stick on basically anything.


Podo pairs with your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. Open the Podo app, and Podo will send a livevideo feed right on your screen.

Use the Podo App to adjust camera settings, set a countdown timer, and trigger the shot. Podo gives you full control, and you no longer need to hold the camera yourself.

Can't be bothered to take that many photos? Use the time lapse feature and Podo will do all the work for you. Set any time interval and Podo will capture your event or party for you automatically.

Combine this adaptable, wireless tech with a form factor that sticks basically anywhere, and you have the most versatile and easy-to-use camera you've ever seen!


Last year, we raised 9x our Kickstarter funding goal from over 3,600 amazing backers. Since then, we've shipped Podo all over the world, won global design awards, and been featured on TV, magazines, and even a music video!

The point is, this isn't our first rodeo, and now we're back to do again even better.



Freedom: Capture any moment from any perspective. Your shots are no longer limited by the reach of your arm.

No mounts, stands, or selfie sticks required.
No mounts, stands, or selfie sticks required.

Control: The Podo app puts you in control for every shot. Wirelessly preview, capture, and transfer, with Bluetooth technology.

Every shot is perfect, because you're the one who took it.
Every shot is perfect, because you're the one who took it.


Your phone is great, but it's not always the right camera for the job.

You're either out of the photo or resorting to selfies, and good luck if you're actually doing something active or interesting.

Our users love how versatile and adaptable Podo is to their lifestyles. Here are just a few examples:

Take Podo on your everyday adventures:

  • Self-portraits: Ditch your selfie stick, and stop the awkward selfies!
  • Group photos: Fit everyone in on the very first try.
  • Family: Fun for even the most camera-shy little ones.
  • Animals: Perfect for small cages and getting up-close with your pets.
  • Food: Document a recipe step-by-step or get that perfect food pic.
  • Cars: Use Podo as an easy backup cam.

Add a new perspective to your passions:

  • Photography: A fun and creative addition to your camera collection.
  • Travel: Never miss a photo op, without having to rely on strangers.
  • Style & Fashion: See your look from the back, and take your #ootd.
  • Fitness: Check your form, yoga poses, and of course, progress pics!
  • Sports: Record your swing, or watch a basket from the back board.
  • Artists: Dancers, musicians, stop-motion animators, painters, etc.
  • Time Lapse: Set any interval for the easiest time lapse ever.

Perfect for events:

  • Weddings/Parties: Capture it all candidly with time lapse.
  • Concerts: Get every angle of the venue without running any cables.
  • Multi-angle: Use multiple Podos to capture everything at once.
  • Photo booth: Everyone loves a good photo booth!


Upgraded Camera and Lens

The pixels on our sensor (2.2 μm) are 50% bigger than those in the iPhone 6s (1.5 μm) and the Galaxy S7 (1.4 μm).

Bigger pixels collect more light, leading to better dynamic range, low-light performance, and reduced noise. Other factors are important for final quality, but when it comes to pixel size: Bigger pixels = better picture.

Megapixel count only matters for enlarging photos. Sticking with 5MP lets us fit bigger pixels in the same compact size, and provides enough resolution to print at 14"x11". 

We also put in a high quality, wide-angle glass lens. With this upgraded camera and premium lens, your pictures will look amazing.

Versatile Micro-Adhesive Pad

Podo sticks just about anywhere with a quick press, and peels right off when you're done. It doesn't wear out, and when it gets dirty you can clean it with water. 

This technology makes Podo the most versatile, easy-to-use camera around. No stands, clips, or mounts required.

With care and cleaning, the pad should last indefinitely. If for any reason the pad loses its grip within 6 months, we'll replace it for free.

Dual-mode Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth LE keeps Podo paired with your phone, so using Podo is literally as easy as opening our app. Then, Podo switches to BluetoothClassic so your phone can display what Podo sees in real-time. 
You can browse through photos on your Podo and select ones to transfer to your phone. Podo sends them in the background, so you can use other apps while you wait.
Additional Features:
  • Fully rotatable hinge lets you set any shooting angle
  • Built-in accelerometer orients your shots automatically
  • LED-ring indicates Podo's status (not for flash)
  • Countdown timer for hands-free capture
  • 8GB memory holds thousands of photos
  • Li-ion battery lasts 1,000 photos or 2 weeks on one charge

The Podo AppFree for iOS and Android. Requires iPhone 5/Android 4.4 or higher.

Free for iOS and Android. Requires iPhone 5/Android 4.4 or higher.

Our tiny, versatile camera gets even more powerful by partnering with your phone. Bluetooth technology lets your phone act as a complete controller for your Podo.

1. Wake Podo up and start the live preview, entirely through your phone.

2. Preview your shot and hit the shutter, or set a countdown timer. 

3. Choose just the photos you'd like to transfer, and Podo will send them to your phone. You can lock your screen or use other apps while you wait.

You can adjust camera settings, browse files stored on the Podo, and even play games with the LEDs, all from within the app. When you're done, just stick Podo back in your pocket and it will return to sleep automatically. 

Camera Modes

PHOTO: Simple. Fun. Our bread and butter.

LAPSE: Set any interval for the easiest time lapse ever. Great for anything from sunsets to house parties. (Does not require connection with phone)

VIDEO: 720p HD video at 30 fps. Audio records from your phone's mic.

MULTI (new): Capture one moment with up to 6 Podos in a unique and immersive way. Switch between previews, then trigger all at the same time.

BOOTH (new): Easily provide the classic photo booth experience. Silly faces are highly recommended!

SOLO (new): Activate gesture controls and put your phone away. Double tap anywhere on Podo to start a timed photo.

...and this is only the beginning. As we update the app, Podo will gain even more features over time.


We believe that pictures are essential to how we represent and record our experiences. We also believe that getting the perfect shot shouldn’t be a pain in the ***.

Podo represents our passion, our team’s grit, and our conviction that technology should be fun and simple. Thank you to every fan and supporter who’s shown us love along the way.

Grouphunt Deal

It'll cost you $90 to get one of these bad boys in your hands. Grouphunt can get it for you cheaper. How? With the power of group buying. 

But this power only works if we all pull our own weight. If there's 6 of us who joins this hunt, the price drops to $69. That's a 23% discount right there! So join the hunt and get sharing! 


Join the Hunt

  • A well-reviewed camera for only $69
  • The definite Selfie-Killer
  • Always get the shot. 

Join the hunt now and we'll place all orders in groups of 6!

Product Specs
Size: 1.3" x 1.3" x 1.5" (3 x 3 x 4.5 cm) Weight: 1.5 oz (43 g) Sensor: 5 MP (2.2 μm pixel size) Video: 720p at 30fps Lens: 90° wide-angle, glass construction Memory: 8 GB 8-LED indicator ring Bluetooth 4.2 LE + Classic modes Accelerometer Rechargeable battery (up to 1.5 hrs. video)
Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is for those residing in Singapore only. - For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at - After the hunt ends, we will update everyone via email with details on shipping - Estimate ship date to SG is Late December 2016 - January 2017.
Additional Info: Original Link
Joshua Chong 13 days ago

Hello! So if we order from here will we get the podos in december or in march? Cuz currently i have an early bird on kickstarter but if we can get it here by december too then i would definity join the hunt. haha.

Hey Joshua,

According to the campaign owners, the stretch goal of 600K has been unlocked and delivery should be by Christmas. We would love to say "for sure, we will receive them in December!" but as you would know, being an experience crowdfunder, the reality is this is out of our hands.

But certainly, if the campaign owners claim to be able to deliver in December, then we can hold them to that and hope that we will indeed get the Podos in December (sorry, forgot to answer your question - we are amongst those who should receive the cameras in December)

isaac_ho88 17 days ago

Hi Grouphunt Team, just saw that the Waterproof Case is now unlocked. Not sure if this could be added as one of the option in Add-On? As i think this would be a useful case to have. Thanks!

joelleong 16 days ago

Hey isaac_ho88! Thanks for the heads up - just added in, cheers! =)

Will the waterproof add on be available too?

joelleong 16 days ago

Hey HJ - thanks for the heads up. Just added! =)

Stephanie Tan Hsin Yi 20 days ago

is this the sequel or the original?

joelleong 19 days ago

Hey Stephanie, I believe this hunt is a group pledge for the sequel which is currently funding on Kickstarter. =)

andychoi 20 days ago

I want to order with the carrying case, is it possible?

joelleong 19 days ago

Hey Andy - yup the add-on options are available at checkout =)

does it only come in blue?

Simon Lea 25 days ago

You're absolutely right, the Podo only comes in blue! :)

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