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Octovo Purist Mens Classic Leather Wallet

Suggested by kurt

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Original MSRP: $189
12 / 25
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When you think “wallet,” the Purist is what likely comes to mind. This sleek, leather model features a billfold with room for four credit cards or IDs – exactly what you need with no additional bells or whistles to bulk up your pocket.
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This wallet was mentioned by Ashley Weston as one of the essential wallet for guys ( Every gentleman wallet should be clean and classically designed, as thin as possible and understated in color and materials. The Purist is constructed of thin, high-quality leather and features a simple but efficient design. The angled slots diminish bulkiness and make it easier to access the cards. Even when full, this wallet is still quite slim.

To add on the review by Ashely Weston, Octovo Purist was also review by carryology ( Quoting the review: “It exudes luxury and class without being over the top.”

joelleong 3 months ago

Hey Kurt! Looks like you really want this - I know how that feeling is like! =D

Thanks for sharing these awesome reviews, and do help spread the word so we can start negotiating for it ;D

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