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Wooden "building block" Man

Suggested by joelleong

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joelleong 9 months ago

These are made from real beech and maple hardwood and will contain some varying grain lines, small knots and other characteristics of natural wood. We do our best to provide a beautiful creation unique to each doll, but the overall design, shape and size will be the same as what you see. Because of the thickness, the wood is joined together so there is a seam on almost all of the pieces. If you look closely at the photos, you will see these seams on the legs, body and head pieces. The hands are the most fragile part of the doll due to the thinness of the wood. It can crack/split if handled too roughly, but overall the figure will last a very long time.

The figure is approximately 12.5 inches tall, by 3.25 inches deep and 8 inches wide at the tip of the hands. All limbs are secured with dowels and magnets secured in the dowels for a nice fit. Each doll will be shipped with simple instructions for you to assemble it yourself!

Due to the overwhelming response, we are estimating 6 weeks before the first order can be shipped. Each order will be given an estimated time of completion to allow you to plan the space where you will display the figure. At this time, we are only allowing 1 doll per household (until we get caught up) and we will process the requests in the order that we received your private messages or emails.

Cost for a basic figure with a gloss finish will be $160 (USD) plus shipping.

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