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One of the best closely guarded secret of all anglers...

Suggested by Lee Zong Han

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Lee Zong Han 9 months ago

The Megabass Vision OneTen Magnum (SP) is a thin profile, sub-surface suspending jerk bait minnow that builds upon the overwhelming success of the Megabass Vision OneTen that features a redesigned fixed balancer system, and a larger profile.

Unlike the decentralized balancer-systems of many large jerk baits, the Magnum (SP) has a specially tuned internal fixed weight balancer plate that allows for responsive action and swimming stability.

The Vision OneTen Magnum (SP) dives to a depth of 4 feet (120cm), and with a slow retrieve, gives off an alluring wobble identical to a schooling baitfish.

With a fast retrieve, the Magnum (SP) performs high pitch rolling actions; when stopped, the Magnum (SP) gives off a subtle wobble and floats up head first, just like a baitfish trying to scape a predator.

With a large profile, the Vision OneTen Magnum (SP) offers up a larger meal that will be sure to trigger bites from even the most cautious monsters.

johnbosco 9 months ago

I just checked out the swimming actions - looks very sexy and enticing under water! Thanks for sharing this Zong Han!

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