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Mermaid Pillows

Eye-catching pillows which change colour at the slightest brush of your fingers.

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The covers of the Mermaid Pillows feature high quality reversible sequins which changes colour at the lightest brush of your fingers. The contrasting colours of the sequins allows for the dynamic and endless expressions of creativity and fun.

Design your own pillow cover; change it as and when you like with limitless possibilities of looks and styles. Impress your guests and add some fun to your family.

The little ones have found it fun. Young adults have found it impressive. Adults have found it addictive. The seniors have found it mesmerizing.

With the smooth colour-changing sequins on one side and the cozy and huggable fabric on the other, the Mermaid Pillow is the perfect pillow and gift for everyone.

The Mermaid Pillow consists of a 40cm X 40cm cover and a compatible fluffy pillow.

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