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Pelikan Edelstein Ink Mass Order

The Pelikan Edelstein Ink Collection is known for their Excellent Quality and Colours

Suggested by San Yong

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59 / 25
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Pelikan Edelstein Ink Collection

The Edelstein Ink Collection comprises twelve brilliant colors with a special ingredient that ensures extra smooth writing and care for the fountain pen.The german word Edelstein translates as gem stone, and each color corresponds to the beautiful coloring of a gem.Every 50 ml high-value glass flacon is unique. The rich weight and soft curves make it a pleasure to hold in your hands. It will make an excellent display piece on you table too!

For this Interest Check we would be looking at the 8 permanent member of the Edelstein Ink collection! Every year, Pelikan releases an Limited Edition Ink of the Year Colour and for 2016 this year, it would be Aquamarine. The first hunt for it has ended but if you are still interested in getting it, do submit a request for it and we can get another hunt going before the end of 2016! :) The Edelstein Ink collection are well known for its lubricating properties that brings writing on an ordinary rough paper to a whole new level of smoothness! It doesn't have any start up issues at all even after being left a while.

The 8 Colours Available Are:

  • Onyx (Black)
  • Tanzanite (Blue Black)
  • Sapphire (Blue)
  • Topaz (Purple Blue)
  • Jade (Light Green)
  • Aventurine (Dark Green)
  • Mandarin (Orange)
  • Ruby (Red)
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San Yong 8 months ago

The usual 8 colours for the Pelikan Edelstein Collection! Even if you dont really like the ink, you can also get it for the bottle :D!

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