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Grouphunt Lure Bundles

Handpicked bundle of 5 high quality, proven lures

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$85 / pc
Original MSRP: $115
Delivery: Free
1 Ordered!
Expected Delivery: End June 2016
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We're launching lure bundles - handpicked set of 5 high quality, proven lures!

Featuring the likes of IMA Sasuke, Komomo and the venerable Jackall TN - these lure bundles provide great value (on average you are getting 5 lures for the price of 4) on lures that have been proven and deadly in our local waters.

Grouphunt Deal:

  • Retail Price: $110 ~ 125 in value per bundle
  • Grouphunt Price: S$85 ~ 95 per bundle + FREE registered shipping!

Only 10 bundles available, first come first serve! All lures brand new in box!

Bundle 1:

S$85 - Yo-zuri Surface Cruiser, Jackall Smash Minnow Floating, Ima Sasuke 120F, Jackall Mascle Deep, Ima Buzz Bait 3/8oz

Bundle 2:

S$85 - Zipbaits ZBL Floating, Jackall TN70 Full Tungsten, Ima Hound, Imakatsu IKE100, Evergreen Side Step Jerkbait

Bundle 3:

S$95 - Little Jack Ikaku, Jackall Rada Minnow, Duo Next Blue Prop, Jackson Dead Float Floating, Ima Sasuke 120F

Bundle 4:

S$85 - Viva Donguri Mouse, Jackall TN, Ima Hound 100F, Ima Sasuke 120F, Ima Buzz Bait

Bundle 5:

S$85 - Jackall Dice Double Odds 135F Pencil, Ima Bita 66, Bassday Log Surf 144F, Duo Tide Minnow 140, Evergreen Honesty 125F

Bundle 6:

S$95 - Jackall Big Backer 80, Duo Realis Spinbait 80 GFix, Jackall Suren 120 Sinking, Evergreen True Round 115F, Duo Press Bait 85

Bundle 7:

S$95 - Ima Hound 80S, Zipbaits ZBL 96 Sinking, Zipbaits Rigge 86 Slow Sinking, Zipbaits 11F Tidal Minnow, Tiemco Red Pepper Lipless Minnow

Bundle 8:

S$95 - Maria Blues Code II, Duo Tide Minnow Slim, Tiemco Groggy, Jackall SK popper, Ima Sasuke 120F

Bundle 9:

S$95 - Evergreen Combat Crank Wild Hunch, Yo-zuri L Minnow 66, Duo Tide Vib Slim, Ima Komomo SF125, Jackall Binksy 70 Floating

Bundle 10:

S$85 - Ima Shaker Silen Crankbait, Ima Bita 60 SR, Bassday Log Surf, Ima Komomo, Viva MF Flapper Weedless Frog

Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is organised in partnership with one of the largest distributors of fishing tackle in South East Asia, authenticity is assured. - Subject to availability. In the case if the supplier runs out of stock, we will assist to help re-order. No returns are available for this deal. - After this hunt ends, everyone will be updated everyone via email. - Product arrives in about 1 week after end of order period. - Estimated ship date is End June 2016.
Additional Info: Original Link
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