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Hi Nigel, there is an on-going hunt for AER duffel Pack now. Maybe you can join us there since there are only 2 potential buyers now.

nigelyeo 7 months ago

ah, hi! I'm so sorry - it didn't show up in my original search. Thanks, will remove this!

nigelyeo 7 months ago

I was first introduced to the AER line of packs from a hunt that's going on here right now:

The ongoing hunt is for the Fit Pack, which is the medium-sized bag in their range of bags. I noticed on the comments for that hunt that someone was requesting a hunt for the AER Duffel Pack, and I went to check it out as well as a few reviews:


There's also a video review for those who'd like to see it in action:

The Duffel pack appeals more to me than the others (which are also fantastic) mainly because I generally like to have larger storage capacity in my bags, as it means that I can use the bag for more purposes. This is of course on top of the added utility that the bag already gives - the various pockets (I especially love the quick-access pocket for everyday items and the inbuilt shoe compartment), the functionality and convenience to bring it to both the office and the gym etc ; it can even be carried sideways as a duffel (hence the name!). I can also envision it as a convenient travel bag to just pack and go for short trips on.

Additionally, as a tall and big guy, it won't look as small on my back (:

I hope others on this platform who share these sentiments will express interest in it so we can get the same shipping discounts off this pack as the others. It normally goes for 175 USD (150 + 25 shipping) which is 236.67 SGD, Without shipping, it would be the normal price of 150 USD (SGD$ 202.60) which is pretty neat!

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