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Livia - The Off Switch for Menstrual Pains

The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain

Suggested by Shareen Ang
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$120 / pc
Original MSRP: $236
Delivery: $0 - $4
10 Orders
Max. 15
10 Ordered!
2 Committed
Expected Delivery: November 2016
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Grouphunt Deal:

If you were to buy Livia individually via it's Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, it would cost about S$150 (early bird, including shipping). The future retail price is closer to S$236. Buy as a group to unlock savings together - if we hit min. 10 orders everyone gets their Livia's at S$120, if we hit 15 orders everyone gets it at S$114. That's close to 50% off - simply amazing!

Do note that this is a group pre-order for a crowdfunding project, by joining you agree that Grouphunt is a logistics facilitator and does not guarantee the final product as advertised by the creator. Orders for this hunt will be placed in groups of 15, so help spread the word and tell your friends!

Each pledge is entitled to 1 unit of the Livia. Your choice of colors will be chosen at a later date, closer to the estimated ship date


The new solution for instant pain relief from your period - no more pills, no more nonsense.

Getting your period sucks.  For some of us it sucks a whole lot more.  We've been working on a high tech solution for years, and we couldn't be prouder to present Livia.
Livia is the off switch for your menstrual cramps. Livia is a drug-free solution for menstrual pain. With one single touch, the tiny device closes the "pain gates" by stimulating the nerves and blocking the pain from passing to the brain.  No more pain, no more pills. 







Livia’s technology is based on the "Gate Control Theory". Livia is transmitting a pulse that is keeping the nerves "busy". Busy nerves means that the nerve-gate is closed, therefore pain signals cannot pass through and are unfelt.


"Over 50% of women suffer from primary menstrual cramps, for which they consume large amounts of painkillers. Livia uses a pain relief method that does not involve drug consumption. The idea is to close the "pain gates". The device stimulates the nerves, making it impossible for pain to pass. The method Livia uses has been proven effective in several clinical studies and I strongly recommend the use of the device to relieve PMS pain at any time."

Prof. Bari Kaplan
Women's Hospital - Beilinson


Admin & Shipping Info
- This is a group pre-order for a crowdfunding project. - By joining, you agree that GroupHunt is a pure logistics facilitator and does not guarantee the final product as advertised by the creator. - This group order is only available for those residing in Singapore. For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at hello@grouphunt.sgbefore ordering. - As this is a crowdfunding project, no returns are available. - After the hunt ends, we'll update everyone via email. Your choice of colors will also be chosen later, nearer to the estimated ship date. - According to the project creator, the order is estimated to ship in November 2016. - Once the orders have been received in our warehouse, we will redistribute locally or inform you for collection. GroupHunt will not be responsible for any delays caused by the project creator.
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Shareen Ang 5 months ago

Livia is currently having an Indiegogo crowdfunding project for this device, and the reviews of this are amazing. Although there are definitely cheaper devices that work similarly to Livia and cheaper, the Livia is a lot more portable and discreet, something which allows me to use it anytime and anywhere. Hope to get a grouphunt started as they currently offer a cheaper price if you order 2, 3 or 10 at one go!

Let's support the ladies! Even the gents here can support and gift a little surprise to their (definitely) better halves.

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