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The Mizu Bottle | 2 for 1 Promo

Rugged Insulated Bottle Designed for Sports & Fitness Enthusiasts

Suggested by johnbosco
Group Price:
20 Orders

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$25 / pc
Original MSRP: $50
Delivery: $0 - $4
20 Orders
73 Ordered!
Expected Delivery: End June 2016
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Don't miss this rare chance to own the Mizu Bottles at a great offer! Get 2 bottles for the price of 1! Limited Stocks Available:

Thanks to the amazing effort of our Sports/Outdoors/Fitness communities in pulling in the requests, we've managed to negotiate a crazy deal for the Mizu Bottles! We'll need a min. of 20 orders to make this happen, so grab your workout buddy, friend or partner and save a massive 50% together when you join the hunt together! All stocks must go, so you don't want to miss out on this!

Mizu bottle M Series: Rugged bottles designed for sports/outdoors & fitness enthusiasts:

Designed by pro-snowboarders with the rugged outdoor person in mind, Mizu means Water in Japanese. Mizu bottles are rugged, BPA free bottles that are of an ideal size and can take a beating on your own personal adventures! Mizu's core mission is to provide active people with smart hydration and drink ware options so that we can go have fun and feel good about it. Mizu also partners with like-minded brands like Nixon, Volcom, Electric, and Burton.

Mizu Glass G7

The borosilicate glass body is covered with a silicone sleeve that offers increased durability. The innovative Adapter Lid screws on and off for easy cleaning and allows you to use the G7 as a bottle or as a glass, making it the most versatile and convenient glass water bottle on the market today.

Mizu V Series: Double walled insulation to keep your drinks the way they are:

The V series are rugged bottles that come in 18/8 food grade stainless steel and matt black colors, keeping your hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours. No metal taste, easy to clean, highly durable and no leaching - meaning there will be no chemicals in your drinks! Perfect bottle for your adventurous lifestyle!

Select your choice of 2 bottles when you check out!

The bottles are separated into 5 different tiers. Top ups will be required if you select bottles of a higher tier, but the pricing will always be average retail price for 2 bottles. Retail prices for the 5 tiers are as follows, for your reference:

  • Tier 1: S$25 per bottle
  • Tier 2: S$32 per bottle
  • Tier 3: S$35 per bottle
  • Tier 4: S$49 per bottle
  • Tier 5: S$65 per bottle

For e.g if you choose 1 bottle from Tier 1 and another from Tier 5, you'll have to top up S$20 to pay $45 for 2 bottles which is the 50% off retail for 2 bottles (S$65 + S$25 = S$90)

Product Specs
- Mizu M6, V6 fills up to 600ml of water - Mizu M8, V8 fills up to 800ml of water - Mizu G7 fills up to 700 ml of water - Mizu M series more for cold waters, not suitable for hot liquids - Mizu V series can keep both hot and cold water at the optimum temperatures. - Mizu G7 can keep both hot and cold water. - 100% BPA FREE - 100% Reusable & Recyclable - 100% Cool More info at Mizu's technology here!
Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is only available for those residing in Singapore - For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at before ordering. - After the hunt ends, we'll update everyone via email. - Product ships in 1 - 2 weeks after campaign ends, directly from the local distributor of Mizu bottles. No returns are available for this hunt. - Estimated ship date is End June 2016.
Additional Info: Original Link
maanwolk 5 months ago

hi, saw other shops with similar (or better ) deal going on. Was looking at two M8 bottles ($32) but saw another selling at $14.90 for one. Any chance of matching the price?

johnbosco 5 months ago

hi @maanwolk, thanks for alerting us! We built this company with a commitment to offer the best possible prices for our users to the best of our ability, so feedback like yours is much appreciated!

I've taken some time out to check out other shops, and there are indeed some options slightly cheaper than our offer, though for different models. You'll see that our offering is different as we carry the latest 2016 model/range as requested by the community, and exclusive to Grouphunt at this price point. You can tell the difference by the print on the normal M8 bottles (Instead of the large MIZU wording, the new range is more minimalistic with just the M logo).

Let me know if this helps clarify! Do hope you can support our offer, but no matter who you choose to go with in the end - we really appreciate your feedback (means a lot to a young startup that's continually striving to find better ways to serve our community :)) Don't hesitate to contact me at a whim if you have more ideas!

Yew Lit Pang 5 months ago

Which model would be included in the hunt? V12? V8?

Hanafi Idrus 4 months ago

hi, when will it be announce for shipping to commence? will i get a email for it?

johnbosco 4 months ago

Hi Hanafi, thanks for checking in! The Mizu bottles just arrived in our warehouse today - we'll be doing a stock take to make sure all the stocks are here before sending out an email to update you on shipping. Watch out for that in the next couple of days!

Hope this helps, do let me know if you have more questions regarding the hunt, or on Grouphunt in general!

prodeus 5 months ago

Hi, I'm really drooling over the soft touch mint M8. But I'm worried about the material. I have a lot of 'soft touch' (rubbery soft texture) surface products and they turned tacky very fast from our crazy tropical heat. Can you tell me of its a just a name sake or it's really those rubbery surface? Will it melt and be sticky if I left it sitting in my car in the sun?

johnbosco 5 months ago

Hi @prodeus, thanks for asking!

This is a very good question! I've checked with our suppliers, and they say the soft touch material used on the M8 isn't your usual silicon type of material that is susceptible to the melting/tacky feeling from continued exposure to heat - its more lasting and they haven't had customers complaining of the sticky feeling before, so you can definitely give it a try!

As for your older bottles that have the sticky issues - I have some quick remedies (after researching online) that you might find useful:

1) Use a alcohol wipe, this will clean away the 'melted' rubber

2) Use baby powder! Here's a video that describes how it works:

Hope this helps!

prodeus 5 months ago

Wonderful! Now I can have my minty bottle! Thank you for your fast response!

johnbosco 5 months ago

no problem, always glad to help! have a good week ahead :)

Anybody knows the dimension?

johnbosco 5 months ago

Hi Max, here you go! Hope this helps:

  • M6 - Height: 215mm / 8.46" Diameter: 75mm / 2.95"
  • M8 - Height: 261mm / 10.28" Diameter: 75mm / 2.95"
  • V6 - Height: 210mm / 8.27" Diameter: 79.1mm / 3.11"
  • V8 - Height: 257mm / 10.12"" Diameter: 79.5mm / 3.11"
  • G7 - Height: 263mm / 10.35" Diameter: 75mm / 2.95"
Elson Yuen 5 months ago

There's seems to be a typo is the second picking? In the last option it says V6 ST Black but it is supposed to be V8 ST right? Just to be clear because I don't see a V6 ST Black option on the color price and top up list.

johnbosco 5 months ago

Hi Elson, you have a keen eye! Thanks for the spot - it is a typo indeed. I've since changed it to reflect the accurate option!

Are you planning to get the V8 ST Black?

Elson Yuen 5 months ago

Debating on whether I would need a water container of 800ml or 600ml. Really racking my brain here haha.

johnbosco 5 months ago

Haha, take your time! If it was me I'd go for the 800ml, less trips to the water cooler! :)

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