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My Dutch Cold Drip Brewer

Coffee Brewed Right, One Drip At A Time

Suggested by Rony
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60 Orders

This current run has ended, but there are more recent runs for My Dutch Cold Drip Brewer. Click here to go to the most recent run.

$112.90 / pc
Original MSRP: $199
Delivery: $0 - $4
60 Orders
60 Ordered!
Expected Delivery: End September 2016
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My Dutch is a true cold drip brewer that is affordable and simple to use with added features that will bring out the best flavors from your favorite beans. Also known as dutch or kyoto style coffee, it uses a unique drip method to brew a perfect cup of coffee unlike regular cold brew that uses the immersion technique.

A Premium Package

After consulting with our community, we've decided to band together for the Premium My Dutch package. This includes a stainless steel filter that will permanently replace one of paper coffee filters, an attractively designed tamper, and an extra carafe with air breath lid that will keep your coffee beans or coffee extract fresh.

  • The Basic Package of one My Dutch Cold Drip Brewer system with coffee and water filters
  • An Additional Carafe for storing fresh coffee beans or brewed coffee
  • A Tamper
  • A Stainless Steel Filter

Typically retailing for just shy of $200, we're excited to bring this to the awesome coffee community here at Grouphunt for only $112.90. This is a one time introductory hunt offer, meaning once this hunt is over, we'll never be able to get it at this price again. To make this hunt a reality, we need to build a group of 60 orders so do help to spread the word to all your coffee loving friends!

Slow drip cold brew coffee is coffee like you've never tasted before... rich, complex, chocolaty with a hint of coffee beans' fruitiness.

We discovered cold brew coffee a few years ago and instantly fell in love with it.  Soon after, we found out about cold drip (aka dutch coffee, kyoto coffee) and fell in love with it even more! Although cold drip uses cold water to brew coffee just like other regular ‘tea bag style’ cold brew, we concluded that the drip method provided the best flavor that you cannot taste with any other brew method.

We soon realized that although there are numerous ‘tea bag style’ cold brewers on the market, there were very few true cold drip brewers and they were all too expensive. So we made it our mission to make one for ourselves.

We had a pretty successful initial launch last year in a select market. With valuable user feedback and experience, we have made some improvements from our first model and now we are trying to launch our upgraded version on the US market for the first time.

We have lined up our suppliers and manufacturers that we have worked with for our initial model all ready to go and we just need your help to bring My Dutch into the mass production stage!

Unlike regular cold brewers that employ the ‘tea bag method’ (immersion of coffee grind in a water container), My Dutch Cold Drip Brewer utilizes the ‘drip method’ that is also known as the ‘dutch coffee’ or ‘kyoto coffee’ brewing method. Although both methods are cold brew that yields smooth, less acidic, flavorful coffee, the ‘drip method’ has 3 distinct advantages over regular ‘tea bag method’ cold brew:

  • Cold drip offers richer, more complex, and full bodied flavor that you cannot taste with any other brewing method.
  • Cold drip requires only 4 hours of minimum brewing time compared to minimum of 12 hours for tea bag method.
  • Cold drip method requires much less coffee grounds than tea bag method when brewing coffee.

Previously, there have been dutch coffee or kyoto coffee brewers out in the market but the cost was well over a few hundred dollars. My Dutch Cold Drip Brewer is the only true cold drip brewer that is also affordable.

Patented Slow Drip Valve

The Cold Drip Brewer creates delicious cold brew coffee through its patented slow drip valve. Create your perfect cup of coffee by adjusting the valve to achieve your desired strength. Unlike other brewers on the market, My Dutch adjusts water drip rate through the water filter rather than adjusting size of the drip hole, ensuring a consistent drip rate to produce ultimate flavor satisfaction.

Non Clogging Drip Mechanism + Water Filter

Crafted with a unique built-in water filter that enables the system to purify your water while regulating the drip speed to achieve a completely constant drip rate from beginning to end. This thereby prevents any blockage of the valve allowing hassle-free brewing and maximized quality of taste.

Air Tight Design

Its seamless design inhibits outside dust and particles from contaminating your coffee while maintaining sound air circulation and consistent brew temperature within the machine. Cold Drip’s exceptionally attractive interface fits perfectly into any kitchen environment

Effortless Setup for Everyday Use

Simplest cold drip system for the most sophisticated taste buds

Easy to Use, Easier to Clean

All of its parts disassemble within seconds for easy cleaning. Carafe and Stainless steel coffee basket is even dishwasher safe!

Compact and Portable for on-the-go Use

Its compact structure allows you to take your My Dutch with you on-the-go anywhere you desire! Easily stow it in your bag and savor the taste of fresh cold brew at you favorite vacation spot. Even detach the glass carafe from the system to save and store your freshly brewed coffee for later in the refrigerator!

Reinforced Glass for Ultimate Durability

Made from the finest glass makes for a device resistant to high-heat exposure and cracking. Its durable nature ensures My Dutch brews you excellent coffee for years.

Combining Environmental Concern with Cold Brew Perfection

Developed with the environment in mind, the Cold Drip Brewer has been crafted using sustainable materials and even requires absolutely no electricity!



Choose between 3 colours. Silver, black and white.

This hunt offers only the My Dutch in the 550ml variant


1. How is drip cold brew different from immersion cold brew?

Drip method Cold Brew brings out more complex, layered flavors than tea bag method as well as requiring less time to brew and less amount of coffee grounds.

2. How long does the water filter last?

Recommendation is that you change the filter after 10 uses or when color of the filter starts to change. However, we were able to use them everyday for 2-3 weeks by using already filtered water.

3. Why do you need two coffee filters?

The coffee filter on top of the coffee grounds evenly spreads water drops throughout coffee grounds, and the coffee filter at the bottom of coffee basket actually filters the coffee. The bottom filter can be permanently replaced with a stainless steel filter which is included in our premium package.   

4. What is a breathable lid? Do I get two lids?
Our carafe lids have 2 different kinds of valves that can be exchanged. You get one lid but you can install either valve that would fit your usage. Installing valves are quick and easy.

Product Specs
- Brand: Beanplus (Korean Brand) - Model: My Dutch - Type: Dutch Coffee(Drip Coffee) Maker/ Cold Brew Maker - Capacity: 550mL - Size: 100X295mm(4X11.6inch)
Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is for those residing in Singapore only. - For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at so we can provide you with a shipping quote. - After the hunt ends, we will update everyone via email with details on shipping - Product ships in 2 weeks after campaign ends, directly from My Dutch. - Estimated ship date is End Sep 2016
Additional Info: Original Link
Ivan Liew 2 months ago

Will we get the same perks as the Indiegogo campaign? Now it has double filters and cleaning brush.

I am concerned that BeanPlus commented above that they don't know about this deal. Can GroupHunt clarify as this is worrying.

joelleong 2 months ago

Hey folks, Joel here from Grouphunt. Apologies for the silence! We were updating our comments system and had therefore missed out on this discussion - happy to see so many interested here and wish we'd caught wind of this sooner =)

Please kindly allow me to clarify - This hunt was originally posted by Rony, who had linked it to the Beanplus Indiegogo campaign. As we started to coordinate the grouphunt, we came into contact with the local distributor, who gets the products from the exact same manufacturer in Korea, and was therefore also the product that Rony initially saw at the Coffee Festival in the first place. We ended up coming to a consensus with the local distributor, who markets it under the 'My Dutch' brand, and therefore subsequently renamed the hunt to the current 'My Dutch Cold Drip Brewer'.

With regards to the perks, the set we've worked together with the local distributor to offer is the premium set, which includes:

  • The Basic Package of one My Dutch Cold Drip Brewer system with coffee and water filters
  • An Additional Carafe for storing fresh coffee beans or brewed coffee
  • A Tamper
  • A Stainless Steel Filter
  • Locally this set sells for $199, and we're Grouphunting it at a one time price of $112.9. Hope this helps! =)

    Ivan Liew 2 months ago

    The video linked is the old version with stainless steel drop nozzle. Is BeanHint selling the old version or the new one shown in the link on Indiegogo page?

    Chiang Yi Herng 2 months ago

    the silence is worrying... oh no...

    Benjamin Lau a month ago

    Just received mine yesterday, looks awesome. Set it up today and now waiting for the goodness to drip out of my coffee.

    joelleong a month ago

    Sweet! Do snap a couple of pics and share with us how it goes, and tastes! =)

    Benjamin Lau 2 months ago

    If this drop does not hit 60 orders, will it still proceed?

    joelleong a month ago

    Hey Benjamin! If it does not hit 60 orders, it will not proceed and no one will be charged - so you should join in because there's no risk! =) Plus we're just less than 20 orders away from hitting it and we sure could do with your help in spreading the word! In this special case, since we're so close to the goal, if we're slightly short of 60 we may still try to negotiate with the supplier to see if anything else can be done. Cheers!

    Ivan Liew a month ago

    59 orders and 5 min to go! C'mon somebody!!


    Lots of you must have gone out to elicit support from your own communities. Thanks for making this happen :)


    unicorn88 2 months ago

    Reading the description, seems there need two filters. Even with the stainless filter, it replace only one of them. So, does it require paper filter to use? If yes, how can we get replacement paper filter in future?

    Justin Loh 2 months ago

    The paper filter used is to ensure the water is distributed around the coffee surface evenly when it drips, otherwise it will cause indentation on the surface of the coffee grounds, resulting in uneven extraction. The filter paper used are the same as Aeropress 60mm filter paper. They can be purchased at most cafes and online websites like

    Renesis Lim ZhiQuan a month ago

    Any updates for those who got the hunt?

    joelleong a month ago

    Hey Renesis & Community! We just got a portion of the orders in earlier today - hopefully there'll be some awesome reviews to follow!

    Here's a picture of the load of them in our warehouse!

    Benjamin Lau a month ago

    Can't wait. When will it be sent out to us?

    Hey Benjamin,

    Within this 2 days :)

    Renesis Lim ZhiQuan a month ago

    Registered shipping? Do we get a tracking number?

    Hey Renesis,

    Thanks for writing in. We do provide a tracking number and the logistics provider's tracking site on request. Bear with us as we improve the system to automatically include this in your order status on your account.

    Saw this during the recent coffee festival. Have 2 sizes. The smaller version is nice for 1-2pax and looks cool in the fridge.

    Beanplus 2 months ago

    umm this is Beanplus here. We were never contacted about this "deal" and you guys have copied wrong pictures. Some of the picture above are version 1. Also you can get our product right now at (same site as "original link" mentioned above) at a lower price than listed here. And yes we do ship to singapore.

    Chiang Yi Herng 2 months ago

    what size filters does it use? can we use the aeropress filters?

    Justin Loh 2 months ago

    The filter used are 60mm filters which are the same as aeropress filters

    Chris WONG 2 months ago

    Hi , I saw there have two difference type of drip node on the pictures , one it's plastic and one its stainless steel ~ May I know which one its correct?

    Justin Loh 2 months ago

    Both are provided in the package, one stainless steel and one backup that's plastic.

    Sherwin Lin a month ago

    Hi, can I still get in on this? I tried to hit the "start a re-run" button but that prompted a message stating "internal server error"

    joelleong a month ago

    Hey Sherwin - email us and we'll see what we can do! =)

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