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Ergotech - Freedom Arm™

Give Your Monitor the Versatility it Needs & Deserves to Move Freely Around Your Workspace

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20 Orders
30 Orders

This current run has ended, but there are more recent runs for Ergotech - Freedom Arm™. Click here to go to the most recent run.

$169 / pc
Original MSRP: $190
Delivery: $0 - $4
20 Orders
30 Orders
8 Ordered!
1 Committed
Expected Delivery: Early November 2016
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Is your monitor taking up vital real estate on your desk? Do you end up having to scrawl your notes in a small corner of your desk?

Maybe you can’t even stare too long at your desk because you don’t understand yourself how it’s mutated into the monster it is now.

Mountains of files and documents with valleys in-between them filled with abandoned stationary and rivers of old sweet wrappers.

But you know better. You know your desk is a reflection of your mind and it’s hard to think straight when your workstation is a cluttered mess, no?

Reclaim your space, your territory and take back your peace of mind with the Freedom Arm

The Freedom Arm is your secret weapon in the territorial wars for space on your desk.

It easily mounts to any typical desk (or wall) and is able to work in almost any angle you need it to. 

Appreciated for many reasons, from its build quality to its expandable nature, the Freedom Arm is what you need to compliment your space and is a worthy upgrade from the standard stand you get free with your monitor.

It works on almost all PC monitors, the Apple iMac (see below for compatibility) and the Thunderbolt/Apple Cinema Displays. Click here for iMac® compatibility.


The Freedom Arm is available in 4 different variations.

Freedom Arm HD


Freedom Arm iMac


Freedom Arm Silver


Freedom Arm Wall Mount


Freedom Arm Metal Grey


Scroll below for specific specifications.

Spice things up

Why are you limiting your work style to your current monitor stand limitations? Work standing one day and sitting another with a simple vertical shift of the Freedom Arm

Or maybe work on the left side of your desk this week and the right side the next. Just move the Freedom Arm horizontally. Magic.

Work the way you want to and take back the space and peace of mind you need and deserve.

Grouphunt Deal

We’ve worked long and hard to secure the best deal we can for the Grouphunt community and we’re excited to announce the pricing! :)

Retailing to individuals for $190, get it for $169. Sweet, right? But it gets better.

If we share this with all our friends who need to reclaim space from their desk and hit a group size of 20 people, the price drops to $159. And if we’re even crazier and hit 30 people, $1…4…9!!! That’s right, up to 21% OFF!

So get sharing!

Join the Hunt!

  •  Gain back your peace of mind and regain control of your desk with the Freedom Arm
  • Compatible with most monitors with a 3 year warranty
  • Up to 21% OFF when you buy with Grouphunt!

So what are you waiting for! join the hunt and let’s get this show started!

Psst, remember to check below to see if your monitor and desk fits the requirements and if you’re using a mac, check here.

Product Specs
Tech Specs: Monitor Weight Capacity: 8.4lbs - 17.8lbs (20lbs - 30.8lbs for Freedom Arm HD and Freedom Arm iMac) Monitor Size: Any size within weight range VESA Compatibility: 75mm & 100mm (Not Applicable for Freedom Arm iMac) Height Adjustment: 14" Extension Range: 24" Tilt: +90º / -45º Pan: 180º Rotation: 360º Max Desk Thickness: 2.5" (Not Applicable for Freedom Arm Wall Mount) Warranty: 3 years Additional Features: • Includes articulating arm + desk clamp + 8" pole (Not Applicable for Freedom Arm Wall Mount) • Integrated Cable Management System We're also running a concurrent hunt for the Wristocat, The Ultimate Wrist-Support For The Modern Desktop
Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is for those residing in Singapore only. - For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at - After the hunt ends, we will update everyone via email with details on shipping - Estimate ship date to SG is Early November 2016
Additional Info: Original Link
Lim Kok Swee 20 days ago

Hi, I am interested but despite reading the information, i still don't understand if the stand is suitable for iMac 27inch (Retina 5K, late 2014 version). If you are able to advise, it would be easier for me to make a decision. Thanks.

Hey Eric,

I've sent the question to Ergotech who are better placed to offer an accurate answer. I too have looked at the product write-up and like you, am unable to understand if the Freedom Arm is suitable for your Mac.

I will drop an update here as soon as I get word from Ergotech HQ. If you require anything else, I can be reached at :)

Morning Kok Swee,

Is your Mac VESA monitor compatible or is the stand attached? (That's what they asked me)

An update from Ergotech:

There are two iMac 27inch Retina 5k monitors that were made during this time period one has a built in VESA plate and the other has a permanent stand. If you have the VESA plate then your monitor only weighs 19.2 pounds and is not compatible with the Freedom Arm. The Freedom arm PC is rated for 8.4 – 17.8 pounds and the Freedom arm HD is rated for 20 – 30.8 pounds.

If you have the Monitor with the permanent stand then your monitor weighs 21 pounds and would work with the Freedom arm HD, however you will also need to purchase an adaptor to Attach to a VESA mounting bracket. There is a company called VIVO that makes this type of adaptor bracket.

We've made contact with the makers and will keep everyone posted. Fingers crossed:)

Kenneth Ho 3 months ago

Is this deal going to take like a year to finalize or something?

Kenneth and gang,

We finally have some light on this and are working out the final details before bringing this to you! We've looked at Amazon prices and will definitely beat them!

Almost there :)

Kenneth Ho a month ago

I appreciate the effort, but this has been pretty much a waste of time. It took a few months to collaborate for this order, and you specifically say you will beat amazon prices. I urge you to check again.

Amazon generally sells it for 78usd, so rounding to 80 and giving an inflated exchange rate of 1.7, it still only comes up to 136sgd. Not to mention that shipping will only proceed during november. I could order it from amazon at this instant cheaper, and would get it earlier. I also doubt that this order's going to hit the $149 price as most people probably gave up already.

Thanks anyway, been saving my amazon vouchers for this, makes my decision to use them easier now.


Thanks for being so candid, it helps us shape our work here to make it better for everyone; very much appreciated.

I won't go into specifics on why negotiations took so long but in essence, it is not always so straightforward to work out deals that involve discounts. We will definitely do better with this experience.

I have actually gone onto Amazon and worked out their pricing before making that claim, and believe it to be still true. Can you direct us to a seller on their platform that will offer a lower price than us?

The Freedom Arm goes for USD 80 on average and with Amazon's dynamic conversion, that is about SGD 117.

Shipping for 1 unit costs USD 53.51, which is SGD 77.23 .

That would place the unit at a cost of USD 134 or SGD 194 .

I am definitely keen to know how we can get a better deal for all our members so if you can point us in the right direction, we will most certainly be able to work something out!

hey Kenneth,

haha, it does feel like a year already; I understand the frustration but it won't help for us to keep knocking on the distributors as well if we want a good deal yeah :)

we're at the mercy now of the distributors who are actually trying to work out a way to bring the shipping costs of these down so that we get a better deal.

they are moving as quickly as possible and have to consider timezone differences when talking to the folks in the US.

I will pass on our eagerness to get these dang things! but in the meantime, begging you for another bout of patience (promise it won't be a year!)

thanks Kenneth!

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