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THE FLUXBAG - Inflates anything with just ONE breath

Just use physics, not your lungs or pumps to effortlessly inflate air mattresses, pool toys, paddle pools etc.

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Everybody hates blowing up anything inflatable, be it air mattresses or pool toys. They demand us to bite into flimsy PVC valves and to exhaust our lungs. They threaten to ruin our supposedly nice day at the beach or camping ground right from the start. – No more. Hello Fluxbag!

From your lungs, you can exhale up to 3.5 liters of air in a single breath. That´s nothing for a 150 litre air mattress and makes inflating things through tiny valves such a pain. Fluxbag, with its 200-litre volume and 50 cm wide opening, uses the Bernoulli effect that together with that one breath also propels the surrounding air into the bag.



Connect the Fluxbag to your inflatable. Just blow into it once or twice – and the Fluxbag is full of air. Close the opening and capture the air. Then roll the Fluxbag up, push it down, lay down or kneel on it and push that air into your inflatable using your body weight. Voilà - you´ve fluxed it! 



The Fluxbag is only 1/5 the weight of a foot pump, and less than 10% of the volume. 

It is easy to pack up and comes with a pouch just 9 x 19 cm (3.5 x 7.5 inch) big, the total weight is about 100 g/3.5 oz. Perfect for packing lightly.


Most likely: Yes.

Don´t worry, Fluxbag supports 95% of valves that are commercially available. The three nozzles that come with every Fluxbag fit standard valves from 5mm up to 9mm inner diameter and also 20 mm flat valves – and via a little connector tube also all 17mm screw-cap valves like they come with ThermaRest mattresses. That is basically all that is in the market. So: As long as your valve looks not completely unlike these images, it should flux.



German engineering it is.. Fluxbag uses high-quality and lightweight PU-coated rip-stop nylon that is nearly indestructible.

Seams are double-stitched and reinforced with hot-glue seam seal tape. Connector and nozzle parts are made from impact-resistant PE plastic. Also, the nozzle is modular, i.e. you can switch it with just one click. In case you lose it, you can order replacements from our online store later.


Ever hassled to deflate a mattress or toy with a common non-return valve?

What used to take ages can now be easily sped up just by inserting the detached Fluxbag nozzle into the valve. The nozzle opens the small plastic hinge deep inside the valve and lets the air escape freely. Result: Much easier and faster deflating.


Every Fluxbag pack contains

  • 1 Fluxbag 
  • 1 storage pouch 
  • 3 exchangeable valve adapters 

Grouphunt Deal

This is on Kickstarter for $39SGD. Why pay $39 when with Grouphunt you can get it for $32.90? 16% OFF right there, just by banding together as a community and using the power of group buying. 

We need at least 10 orders to make this happen so take a moment to think of your friends who are always bringing their kids to the pool or the beach or have loads of inflatable things to...well...inflate. Do them a favour and share this with them!

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lorenzo a month ago

This nifty device will make days at the beach a breeze! Fits into your beach bag - let's hunt it!

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