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Shadowhawk Tactical Flashlights

Suggested by Dennis Ling

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Original MSRP: $44
64 / 25
requested for this
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skcolin 8 months ago

THIS is another cheap knock off from china's UltraFire- 878 stamp with a different name!! Even the video's and pics are stolen one ...Do your research guys!!! Just doesn't cost this much....Bullshit all the way.

check out the review of this scam company!

Agree... dishonest and lack of integrity...

Just search flashlight in those china websites, u can find this cheap flashlight easily...

johnbosco 8 months ago

Oh no! Seems like Shadowhawk white labeled the UltraFire-878. Thanks for the heads up @skcolin! :)

Dennis Ling 8 months ago

Should this flashlight be banned from the public? It's so bright it could be soon. This blinding military grade tactical flashlight is so bright it can blind a bear, and it has finally been released to the public for a limited time only!

johnbosco 8 months ago

Nice!!!! Shiok, I want one for reservist.. haha think it will be super useful

Dennis Ling 8 months ago

Hope to gather more interest so you can do a mass order for us with a better price.. :)

johnbosco 8 months ago

How bro, should we try to negotiate with Shadowhawk, or the other China option? Wonder if there are any differences in performance?

chesterqw 7 months ago

the only performance different is how much money "shadowhawk" cheat from you :D

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