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Group Tickets: St Jerome's Laneway Festival 2017 #LanewaySGLucky7 [2nd Run]

Lucky 7 Bundle Tickets For Laneway 2017 - Singapore's largest alternative-indie-rock festival is back

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Join this hunt  to get your hands on Laneway tickets for 40% OFF.


Singapore’s ultimate music party is back. And super early birders get first dibs!

From Laneway: 

It’s our seventh year, and seven being the world’s favourite number, a really special deal lasting just seven days has been put together for Laneway fans.

From 7 to 13 September, 50 sets of Lucky 7 bundles comprising seven tickets at $777 will be available daily. With each ticket costing $111, Laneway attendees will ring up an irresistible 40% discount off the $185 entry price.

At $111 to take in 30 acts playing across four stages over a span of 14 hours, the Lucky 7 bundles are expected to be snapped up shortly after the promotional period begins.

In 2016, 13,000 people thronged the sell-out Laneway Festival Singapore, which featured 27 performers from seven countries.


Can't find 7 people? Don't fret it, just Grouphunt it!

If you're having trouble finding that missing link to get the 7 people needed for this year's early bird 7s bundle, we've got you covered. Join our hunt and we'll get you the tickets for $119 each. The usual price for Laneway 2017 is $189 (incl. of $4 Sistic booking fee).

Real quick, you may be asking why we're charging $119 instead of $111 like on the Laneway website. Sistic has a $4 booking fee per ticket and it costs money to transfer money over the Internet (we hate this too). The additional amount covers payment processing and administration fees.

Besides, you still get to enjoy this AMAZING Lucky 7s deal at a ridiculously low price! Alternatively, there's a pre-sale single ticket on sale at Sistic now for $131 (incl. of $4 sistic booking fee). So we have the best price in town if you're having trouble getting your groups of 7!

Lastly, Laneway is setting aside 50 bundles a day for this promotion. While we can't guarantee the availability of the Laneway promo, what we promise is that we'll place orders in multiples of 7, and as fast as we can. 

You know what goes hand in hand with Laneway?

If you've been to Laneway or any sort of festival before you know how tiring it is. Standing and partying for long hours under the hot sun sure does take its toll. Sure you can sit on the grass but you end up getting a view of butts instead of the performers you paid good money to see. So what then?

You could get a Sitpack. We're running a concurrent hunt right now here where you can get your own butt-rester for 17% OFF.

Laneway Coming to Singapore Announcement:

 Friends! We are excited to reveal the key dates of the thirteenth edition of the St. Jeromes Laneway Festival. The party - which stops at Singapore, Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland, Adelaide, Sydney and Fremantle - starts a little earlier this year, read on for details...

With its unique and storied history, Laneway prides itself on being more than the average festival experience. We've got an astute eye for the next big thing, we love good food, local art and epic locations, and we're so excited to share what we have in store for you at Laneway in 2017.



Coming in hot for the fifth year running, Laneway returns to Singapore this 2017. We love the Meadow at Gardens by the Bay - with a backdrop ft. the iconic Marina Bay Sands, lush green hills and a panorama of Singapore’s downtown cityscape, this spot is nothing short of world class.

Singapore dates venues Rueven Tan 900x601

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