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LAMY Al-Star

LAMY AL-star – The light aluminium-experience.

Suggested by Clarence T.
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The Lamy AL-star is the attractive, young writing instrument which satisfies even the highest requirements. With distinctive grip and spring-loaded metal clip.

Designer: Wolfgang Fabian

Aluminium is a lightweight hightech material, whose excellent utility properties are confirmed not only by the drivers of top-of-the-range cars but also by the many young and young-at-heart people who write with a LAMY AL-star. If you also have a penchant for modern technology, you will certainly be impressed by this robust and yet elegant writing instrument. Thanks to its particularly striking, self-sprung metal clip, for instance. And, of course, the transparent grip section which permits an insight into its mechanical interior. The original, only natural coloured LAMY AL-star has blossomed into one of Lamy’s most popular model families. It offers all the important writing systems. And with the regular addition of new cool metal surface colours it ensures that things never get boring on desks and gift presentation tables around the world.

In the year 2016, LAMY has released the special edition Al-Star in the colour of charged green.

For this hunt:

For this hunt, the original colours from the Al-Star series are available. The Charged Green, a special edition released by LAMY for the year of 2016, will also be available. You will be able to make your color selection at checkout.

In addition, a Z24 converter can be added to your pen for $4.7. Nib sizes EF, 1.1, 1.5 and 1.9 will be available at an additional charge of $4.7 as well.

Product Specs
### Materials * Aluminium * Resin ### Dimensions * Diameter - Body 12.78mm * Diameter - Cap (without clip) 14.83mm * Diameter - Cap (with clip) 19.47mm * Diameter - Grip 8.90mm * Length - Body 129.99mm * Length - Cap 64.38mm * Length - Nib 15.93mm * Length - Overall (Closed) 139.41mm * Length - Overall (Posted) 167.40mm * Weight - Body 12g * Weight - Cap 10g * Weight - Overall 22g * Max Ink Capacity - Cartridge 1.56ml * Max Ink Capacity - Converter 1.08ml
Admin & Shipping Info
- This group order is only available for those residing in Singapore. - For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at to get a shipping quote. - After each hunt ends, we'll update everyone via email. No returns are available. - Product ships in 2-4 weeks after the campaign ends directly from the overseas supplier. Domestic redistribution will be handled by GroupHunt. - Expected arrival: Late Feb 2016
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Any chance of including the copper orange?

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