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Sneaky Cards

The card game to "Play It Forward" - Antithesis to Cards to Humanity!

Suggested by Irwan Cornelius

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Irwan Cornelius 7 months ago

Have you heard of Sneaky Cards? The game is turning everyday life into quite an adventure. "Sneaky Cards: Play It Forward" is a new card game that's the ultimate reminder that random daily moments and interactions with strangers can be a lot of fun. It's the ultimate way to mix up your day and challenge yourself. Sometimes you interact with people, sometimes you do a nice thing, sometimes you make art. You may have to find someone who provided great service, and then give them an extra-nice tip. Or you may have to approach the first person who makes you smile and give them the card that tells them so. Or maybe you have to give someone a card without them even knowing you gave it to them!

Sometimes you gotta be sneaky. That's how Sneaky Cards works. One part sneaky, one part delightful happiness. And because you can register your cards online before you play, you get to track where in the city, state, country — or world! — your completed cards end up.

johnbosco 7 months ago

Great find Irwan! What a wonderful game - Feel like this deserves more attention! I'm going to 'sneakily' sticky this interest check.... :)

Irwan Cornelius 7 months ago

Thanks johnbosco! I mean it's still quite alright if I just order off Amazon on my own but I feel that more people should know about this hence why I post it here.

johnbosco 7 months ago

for sure! If you get it before we get a hunt going, do let us know by posting a review! :) have a good day!

Irwan Cornelius 7 months ago

Will do! Cheers man!

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