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RFIDsecur Contactless - Blocking Cards, Ultra Thin and Secure

Eliminate the threat of data theft or fraud to your ID, contactless and credit cards with our ultra-thin flexible RFID protection card.

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novemberr 8 days ago

Ultra thin, light flexible protection without the bulk.

The rise of contactless payment has drastically increased the threat of personal data theft. You may believe that contactless payment cards can only be used in close proximity to specific card readers but the disturbing reality is that your card’s data can easily be read by many devices that are freely available.

RFIDsecur cards are credit card sized but only a third of the thickness. They can be placed alongside your card, in your wallet, purse or ID holder, guaranteeing protection against theft of your information or unauthorised payments whilst still allowing you – and only you - full use of your cards.

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