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Hi! I'm Jia An, and I Eat, SLEEP FISH for a living! Ask Me Anything!

🎣🐟Sport Fishing Papua New Guinea Tour Planner & Admin, Eat Sleep FISH Facebook community

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Hi Grouphunt!

I'm Jia An and a self professed fishing addict! I've been fishing for over 13 years, but I still consider myself as an apprentice for life when it comes to fishing, and am constantly learning how to improve my craft!

Currently based in Papua New Guinea, I'm lucky to spend my days as a tour planner helping fellow passionate anglers experience a world class fishing experience with Sport Fishing PNG. My work includes managing the on-shore support team covering all safety aspects, tour itinerary, back up logistic support and lastly, not forgetting advising our anglers on the equipment and tackle to put them in the chair for results.

Outside of work I also work hard on developing the local angling community with our Facebook group Eat SLEEP FISH (Do join us for daily banter, catch reports from kakis, and equipment poison! )

For this session, you can ask me stuff like:

  • What's my favourite rod and reel combination?
  • How does your daily routine look like?
  • What's the very first setup that got you started in the world of angling?
  • The story behind my very first catch

Don't ask:

  • Tell me all the secret spots in Singapore!!

Ask me anything and I'll try to answer!

NOTE from the community manager: This AMA session is scheduled to go live this Friday, 25th September from 8pm to 10pm SGT! If you have any questions you can post them first and Jia An will answer them once the AMA begins. Remember to subscribe to this thread by clicking the button below so you will get updates on answers! It's a community discussion so please be nice! Rude/tasteless/vulgar comments will be moderated/deleted.

EDIT: This AMA has officially ended, big thanks for everyone's support and thoughtful questions! I feel there's so much to learn from Jia An today, will be taking time to digest everything :) If you have more questions you can still post them and it will get answered over time. Do watch out for more AMAs from Grouphunt in the future!
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bobbycheung a year ago

Also, sorry for being slooww.. I just noticed that you run Eat Sleep Fish on Facebook - what's are some of the biggest challenges in running a community online? As with many online communities out there there are always one or two trouble makers/haters - what's your advice on dealing with these badboys/haters online?

Jia An Ng a year ago

Hi Bobby,

Some of the biggest challenges i faced, hmm i would say it would be things that fuels my passion. Life is very much like fishing, some days just wasn't your day while there are days whereby you are over the moon.

Keeping the content simple and sticking to our slogan - Eat Sleep Fish, we basically discuss anything with regards to food, fishing and lastly ermmm sleep (Hotels maybe) and i am really glad that i have a big group of friends who never fail to encourage me when days are hard. (Especially dealing with work and trying to strike a balance maintaining the group.

My advise to dealing with haters/badboys online, actually i am not really bothered by their existence or rather their existence would make me feel special. I think ignoring them and do what i love best is the best solution, make love - not enemies :)

bobbycheung a year ago

That makes alot of sense man... I guess that's the most important thing we learn from fishing, that there are ups and downs - just have to keep persevering!

Are you the founder of Eat Sleep Fish? What made you decide to start it in the first place?

Make love - not enemies - love it! Just to share another quote I read before is that: "Haters gonna hate, creators gonna create!" Alot of times when users hate on us its usually because they don't like the things we are doing (creating content, building a community, etc). It's so much harder to do what creators do in creating and packaging fresh content and discussions, but its also what sets us apart! Keep doing what you do! Big fan here.. :)

Jia An Ng a year ago

Yes, i started Eat Sleep Fish some 3-4 years back on my own as a private group so i could invite my friends and some of their friends to join us and share their catches with us.

Thing took a turn when my kaki complained to me that his son wasn't behaving himself and been getting into lots of trouble in school and outside of school.

And as most of my close friends should know, I have been through the stage whereby i was just lost in life, wondering what i should do (during school days) and i believe there are many kids out there feeling the same as i do back then.

Eventually having the group, i get to meet troubled teens from all walks of life. And i just feel the need to give back to the community and guess you know how the usual story goes - Eat Sleep Fish is growing steadily with a total of more 7000 members today.

i dont expect everyone to like me / agree to things i do. But i am very determine to prove my worth in the Singapore fishing community.

I won't fade away like most people does when passion runs out cause i am here to stay.

bobbycheung a year ago

Hi Jia An, how did you manage to get this amazing opportunity at Sport Fishing PNG? At which point in your life did you realise that you wanted to make your passion your living?

Jia An Ng a year ago

It was a great opportunity for me to be invited on a fishing trip to West Papua by a good kaki (Mark.R) and i got to know Mr Jason Yip & Kazuhiro Uyama in which Mr Jason Yip becomes my current boss now.

you know, everyday i would carry my rod and have my breakfast at my house nearby market and watch people going to work in the morning. The bell been ringing in my head, i got to do something i love and being in the fishing industry is the only solution in my head.

And the opportunity came along in 2013 in which i was offered a job with Sport Fishing PNG (Papua New Guinea largest leading sport fishing operator) and i never looked back.

Having the opportunities to meet famous anglers all over the world and get to fish in some of the world's most exotic river, life is great and i don't wanna go back Singapore.

applying for PNG pr? soon i reckon.

bobbycheung a year ago

Nice nice hahah... Is Mr Yip also from Singapore previously too?

Sounds like every angler's dream man, you should be try for pr... SG still have to suffer Haze every year!

Jia An Ng a year ago

He is from Papua New Guinea, Fourth generation Chinese in the country to be exact.

Angler's dream - if you like to, come around and take my place for a day in PNG.

Before calling it a dreammmm haha

colinwong a year ago

Hi Jia An,

I've been fishing for awhile now, but only ever caught Peacock Bass before with a handmade fly... Haha any tips for more success?

What's a good setup/lure/technique/tide to target (1) Barracuda & (2) Kim Bak Lor in Singapore?

Is watching and understanding tides important? or the technique?

colinwong a year ago

oh ya, what is your take on ima lures btw? haha

Jia An Ng a year ago

Hi @ColinWong

Peacock bass abundance and is considered as one of the easiest target sport fish in Singapore and with a homemade fly, i would like to stress the pointers below which could assist you in catching More..

  • Casting distance (The further you cast, the higher your chance to catch them)
  • Presentation (Steady straight retrieve is boring, (very boring in-fact) how about mixing it up with a couple of pauses and twitches? injured baitfish action always have a high tendency to trigger a bite)
  • Understanding of Peacock bass (They tend to hunt more actively during the day, and even on hot afternoons - so get out there enjoy the sun and lastly catching a fair few peacock bass)
colinwong a year ago

Thanks jia an for your reply! how about for kim bak lors? Any specific time would be best to fish for in the night?

Jia An Ng a year ago

different area, the kims has different feeding habits and i always believe this general rule applies to all terrain regardless.

Slow moving tide + bait fish = Kim around?

colinwong a year ago

Alright thanks for the tips jia an! ;)

joelleong a year ago

Hey Jia An, thanks for taking the time to do this! Just wondering if I was interesting in picking up fishing as a hobby, what are some tips and product recommendations you'd have? I've only ever fished when I was younger (in Boy Scouts) and at a friends stag party in Bangkok (boon sam rang) lol !

Jia An Ng a year ago

Hi Joelle,

Perhaps you might want to consider picking up pond fishing at ORTO (check out there website here - ) and make mention to their friendly staff that you are strongly recommended by me to try out fishing.

You can be sure that you be in good hands as they are one of SG leading fishing operator with a team of passionate guides to assist you, you can bring along your girlfriend or family too.

johnbosco a year ago

Hahah! Hijack this thread - I tried recently at ORTO and was zero fighter! Hahah, used the Taiwan Xiang Chang and kept casting towards the bridge! Ended up with Suntan only to show for my efforts :) Next time I'll be sure to try luring with the rubber lures heh..

Jia An Ng a year ago

keep the xiang chang for dinner, change to floating bread instead.

In fishing, i always believe in adopting new tactics when the old ones dont work and so, always carry a open heart and try out new tricks.

johnbosco a year ago

Gotcha! Tight lines man!

joelleong a year ago

Btw, I read that you used to play rugby. Is this true? If so, are you following the rwc? Who's your favorite team and what position did you play?

Jia An Ng a year ago

I started playing rugby back in primary school and eventually manage to secure my position as a winger at St Andrew School. but my passion for track & field got the better of me and thus i joined the track team instead - my favorite event - 400m

I was watching the RWC recently and was really impress with Japan beating South Africa, i feel the fighting spirit in the Japanese. committing to every single tackle as if it was the last tackle of the night - one of the best game i had enjoy watching this year.

joelleong a year ago

Lol that's fantastic. The Japan match was amazing man, really enjoyed watching it too. What impressed me was that the tries they let in were kind of 'soft' - missed tackles on large players with brute force. But the silver lining in that was that all they need to do is to brush up on their tackling, which they did well 90% of the time. And the tries Japan scored were actually beautifully strung team plays - that was something!

Ryan Ngler a year ago

Hey bro, how do you prevent the fish from throwing hook when it is jumping out of the water? Like arowanas, they jump alot, anyway to prevent it from throwing hook??

Jia An Ng a year ago

initial hook set (strike HARD), choice of hooks, size of hooks, angle of rod and lastly reflex of the angler is very important.

Arowana is actually classed by me as one of the most challenging fish to target in Singapore and they are among my top to-catch list of fish back home.

Plenty of luck and lastly lots of practice before you master the art of Aro fishing.

Ryan Ngler a year ago

Thanks for the teaching bro! I got an arowana on a offset worm hook. Quite a large one. It jumped many times but I think because the hook is big.

I like aro fishing too, oh ya, I want to ask some arowanas very smart when they whack they knew the that it is a lure, so instantly they released the lure. Do I set the hook instantly?

johnbosco a year ago

Hi Jia An! Thanks for hosting this session, incredible for us to have you :)

Here are my set of questions, just to kick things off:

  • What's the story of the one that got away?
  • What's the toughest fish fight you've been in at Papua New Guinea, and how does it compare to the standard fish we have in Singapore?
  • What are your top 5 lures of all time?
  • Spinning or Baitcasting?
  • Hypothetically, if you were in prison and had a chance to pick your last meal (can be anything in the world) - what would that be, and why?

Cheers, and have a great session!

Jia An Ng a year ago

JUST LAST SUNDAY!! while trying to figure out how to work my new slow fall jig off the reef i manage to hook up a Marlin (est 50-60KG) and it spooled me within like 3 minutes, i went home real grumpy

To have access to the world's strongest freshwater fish in my backyard is really a blessing for me as it is classified by many anglers around the world as their dream fish, and i always respect each different fish with their own characteristic and i won't compare them unless it is the same specie.

my top 5 lures,

  • Humbug 65 -Duo Jerkbait 120sp -Yozuri surface crusier 28g -Voon frog
  • IMA sasuke

Spinning for big game, bait casting for river fishing :)

i am good with both, but am very particular about my reels appearance.

I think i am the kind of person who eat to live, not live to eat so please give me a plate of tasty chicken rice before i go. :)

johnbosco a year ago

OMG! I can feel your pain bro - never mind I'm sure you will have a second chance very soon hahaaha

I love the surface cruiser too! Landed my first wild toman with it, so its a precious lure to me too... I personally like IMA Sobat & Maria Blues Code :) Do you collect lures in their different colors? I'd love to have a full set of Sobats displayed at my home one day haha :)

patricktan a year ago

Hi bro, living the life man! I'd wish I could get a job like yours :)

Here are some questions:

  • Are you right or left handed?
  • Just what is it about fishing that you like so much, and what do you mean by "seriously poisoned angler"?
  • Who are some of your fishing mentors, and who are some of the more prominent anglers in Singapore
  • Any international fishing personalities that you hope to emulate, or are a fan of?
  • What other hobbies do you have other than fishing?
  • Just for laughs - What's your favourite girl group from your childhood days?
Jia An Ng a year ago

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your compliment, i shall answer your questions below:

i am right handed for most of my finesse fishing, but for big game fishing - i am both able using left & right hand.

Fishing is very much like my life, it is my way of life. And i indulged heavily in it and lastly not forgetting to poison* friends around me to pick up the sport, so seriously poisoned angler is the term i could come up with.

I started out fishing on my own when i was 11, and over the years i met great mentors and anglers that eventually mold me into who i am today. Prominent anglers in Singapore - there is HEAPS of talented anglers in Singapore which i believe should are as good as many pros on the international fraternity - Anglers such as Eduard Long (GT POND) Bone Lim (IMA) and Jimmy Lim (Fishing is G-R-Reat) are the few who share effortlessly to the community and they are my inspiration to do my part for the small community of like-mind anglers.

I am a big fan of Mr Rod Harrison, he is nicked by me as the God-Father of the Papuan Blackbass. i still remember fishing with him 2 years back on a tour and picking on his brain & insight for sport fishing and his passion for fishing. He is very well respected and is considered a legend back in Australia too.

I told him, you truly earn my respect for your endless passion for fishing.

One day, you will get there - just keep doing what you love, Grasshopper (btw he actually nicked me grasshopper as i look like the monk in the movie Grasshopper)

Other hobbies, is lure collecting considered OTHER hobbies (Laughs)

Girl group? i love watching power puff girls with my granny!!

cheers Jia An

patricktan a year ago

Thanks for your answers! Last questions from me - what are some of the best lessons you've learn from fishing (from your mentors over the years, and from your own experience) that is applicable to life in general? What are you most thankful for in your life today?

Jia An Ng a year ago

Never give up, the last cast (or the last try) might land you something different, and this is very true. We dont make mistake, we learn from them and i applied this to my current life now.

Overall, i am truthfully glad to meet each & every of my mentors/friends who were there for me when i need them and i am thankful to myself for always believing in my own dream when no-one else believes me.

i am my own dream-catcher and i will always be :)

Kokyee Teo a year ago

Hello Jia An! 2 questions from me. What is your 1. Your biggest catch and 2. the story behind! Cheers and tight line!

Jia An Ng a year ago

My biggest catch is actually also my first fish (dogtooth tuna) on jig out at Egum Atoll in April this year while fishing with Kozo Okubo.

Everyone was having a hot secession hooking up dogtooth tuna from 25 - 65kg that morning and i was very persistent to continue popping (using surface lures) for them while they are lurking down deep (80-120m depth).

eventually i just couldn't resist the temptation to fight a big fish and i loaded up my jigging set up and throw the jig in, and barely less then 3 stroke on my rod i had a 46kg dogtooth tuna on the end of my line and it went it broke surface, tears almost went rolling down my eyes.

it is like a dream come true for me, a giant fish and with Kozo cheering me on not to give up (i was in pain and wanted to pass the rod to someone else to take over haha)

but looking back, i am glad i didn't and i landed the fish by myself.

Amirul Irfan a year ago

Hi there Mr.Jia An! I've been following you on Facebook for a couple of years now,and your catch record is amazing.You've been a great example for me and I'm sure you are a great example for others too.Here's my questions : 1) When do you prefer fishing for kims? Early morning,late evenings,or do you go with the tide? 2) How do you lure for barracudas? What are your favourite retrieve styles? 3) What lures do you usually throw for cudas? (The Jerkbait 120sp seems like a good one)

Thanks for the opportunity to ask you a few questions..even though the techniques & lures you use might not work for me at different places,it can give me a little over view of barracuda & kim lure fishing.. I wish you luck in your fishing & work Tight lines & Happy fishing!

Jia An Ng a year ago

Thank you for your compliments bro.

please allow me to answer your queries to the best of my limited knowledge below:

1) For hunting Kims, you got to understand their behaviors as well as the terrain you are fishing in, be it muddy flats, rocky areas, fallen tree snag and most importantly the kind of bait fish readily available for them. Personally, a great time for me would be after dinner and taking my own sweet time sipping my teh terik at the coffeeshop before heading to my fishing spot.

But again, it all comes down to tides as the usual saying goes - Tide wait for no man.

Barra hunt all day /all night, you just got to catch them at the correct tide and location.

2) Barracudas are pelagics fishes, and they love hovering* mid-water and won't hesitate to strike your lure if it is within it's strike-zone. Any retrieve is fine. but personally i love my pause and jerk thus u should know by now, my fav lures to use are mostly suspend Jerkbait. am falling in love with a new jerkbait from OSP called the Rudra, and been catching a fair few fish with it too.

Sidenote: There is no hard rule for lure retrieving techniques, just visualize yourself as a lure or fish - how would you move in order to trigger a bite?

if you have any more questions, feel free to ask and i will reply them whenever i am available.

Tightlines and catch da* big one!!

Jia An

Amirul Irfan a year ago

Thank you for the reply! Great knowledge right there,looking forward to using it when I have the chance to fish saltwater spots. Tight lines!

Precious Peanut a year ago

Hey Jia An An,

Love what you do, do what you love! Fishing is my best relaxation drug after a long week's work! I look forward to it every week and am hap-pea every time I clock in the min-nuts!

Burning question for me: What brand of shampoo do you use?? Haha, just kidding! No offence!

Mainly interested in knowing - what are some of your tips for a new angler who's exploring luring? What are the best resources, or groups online that we can learn from? What's a decent gear setup for spinning that you can recommend for local saltwater luring?

Thanks!!! PP

Jia An Ng a year ago

You are classified as the WEEKEND WARRIOR team!!

Shampoo, head & shoulders!! haha

For tips for all anglers is always the same, pointers below:

  • Always have a clear target in mind - i meant fish species
  • Understanding your target nature and behavior (read up online, there are tons of information everywhere)
  • Location, (you won't find a GT in reservoir, so knowing where to go is important)
  • Understanding your gear, (depth of lures, color of lures, casting distance all play a part)

Decent set up, this is a tough question. I always believe in spending within your means, and if you have a budget feel free to go around and shop for the best quotes.

you must have not heard about my group - Eat SLEEP FISH (Singapore)

Check us out on facebook, hit the join group request button and i approve your request right away.

see you on the other side.

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