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Evergreen Modo Zeta Vibration

Ultimate form of the lipless crankbait from Evergreen

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5 Orders
10 Orders
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Expected Delivery: 28th March 2016
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A vibration lipless plug for the vibe fanatic

First launched in 2014, the Zeta was developed while taking into account the limit of all functions that a vibe could possess - resulting in a perfectly balanced vibration plug. The launch power of the Zeta is remarkable thanks to the internal layout of weights (tungsten) that keep the Zeta stable not only in flight but especially when immersed in the water. Once in the water the internal spheres made of glass and brass, coupled with the collision with the tungsten chamber, offers the Zeta a mighty rattle unlike any other. In tests, combination of these materials emitted a noise that was much more powerful and acute, emitting vibrations and noise more powerful than usual vibes, making it one of the secret weapons of this amazing bait.

Grouphunt Deal:

I love the Modo series, especially the Zeta (being biased towards vibes). One thing that makes the Zeta attractive and easy to use is its unique construction - the head and tail are flat on the upper back to avoid unnecessary turbulence in the water while offering a stable swimming action which couples a distinctive oscillatory movement with small and strong vibration in its wake. The bait attracts the big ones with frightening success - just use a slow retrieval bumping off the bottom!

  • Retail Pricing: S$26.5
  • Grouphunt Price: S$16.9 (15 pieces or more total orders)

Colors Available:

Features & Catches

Elite Series Pro Brett Hite explains how the Zeta works

Lure action and catches

Product Specs
- Length: 73mm - Weight: 21gm
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  • No returns are available for this deal.
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  • Estimated ship date is 28th March 2016.
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