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Megabass ARMS Super Leggera

It began with a next dream.

Suggested by Daryle Chan

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Megabus leader, Yuki Ito is bearing the name of MEGABASS, from the start of the production of bus rod by his hand-build, we are trying to Semaro in approximately 30 years. Is such his first work "ARMS" bus rod, produced the soon 1997 "DESTROYER", 2013 "X7", as the 2000 and 2014 "EVOLUZION" DNA of Megabus rod that was derived, Megabus to date It has been handed down to the rod. So to speak, ARMS is the same as the F-1 machine. Is a test bet to quickly realize the Ito of rod technology in order to evolve the megabass rod, be preceded projecting the Megabus rod vision of the near future, is a DreamWorks. 2015. Aitio engineering that embodies the state-of-the-art technology of Ito, a "super weapon" which encloses the fishing dynamics of startle, dispatches to the field. Micro Bray dead graphite fibers was high-density composite to guide section to receive the load is tell the size of the assumed target, the newly developed "cross-axis multi-elastic hybrid graphite composite" blanks, surpassing the bus rod specs of the past. Locking dial of honeycomb frame structure to look into the ultra-lightweight carbon frame, along with the blanking of up to limit (without meat) is a lightweight structure that has been subjected to, realize the overwhelming strength. ITO reel seat spacer, which is joined to the low-profile, short trigger to achieve a high degree of freedom full angle cast, "walnut (Wood)", "Birdseye Peacock (Wood)", "4-AXISIS carbon" "BRAIDED WOVEN 5 types of carbon "," METAL composite carbon ". Aitio to fabrication was finally possible to carbon graphite modeling of complete free-form, the design of ultra-high sensitivity "dry carbon handle" is, inherits the yesteryear ARMS ergonomics to legitimate. Eliminating the clearance gap of grip at the time of the reel mounted, asked the rod emphasis on the handle unit, it should be noted that the beginning of the "center-balancing spacer" that aims also to lower the center of gravity of the time of the reel mounted, non-circle diameter to provide a degree of freedom in the operation of the rod end the common sense of the ... so far of bus rod such as a cross-sectional end bat to destroy an impressive technology, embody many of the ALL NEW FUNCTION. The name of the super weapon is, "SUPER LEGGERA". ARMS technology, we will change the future of bus rod yet again.

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Jimmy Kong 4 months ago

does this rod have for spinning ?

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