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OSTRY KC06 Inner-Ear Earphones

Warm sound signature, coupled with an ideal balance between portability and performance

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Build & Design:

Ostry decided to keep the exact same cool design and good overall build quality of the previous first KC06 model, but with a more fancy red color on it. The housings are made of some titanium material, very lightweight. The plug and Y-split are exactly the same, still lacking the chin slider (which should have been added as the earphone seems to work best in over-ear configuration). The cable is of same material as well, but with the translucent plastic cover it's possible to see the red strings inside. The logo at the housings was changed too. Overall, it's quite good, same as the KC06 and could be improved, but again no complains considering its high sound quality.

Fit, Comfort, Isolation:

Same as before, easy fit in both configurations, straight down or over-ear. Personally, I find them much more comfortable in the over-ear wear as the earpieces are more ergonomic this way and sit more securely with lower profile. Isolation is the same, low to very average at best. With the new included special tips it may improve a bit more, or with some aftermarket tips.

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