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Emmrod Compact Casting Fishing Rod

The best fishing rod on the planet that you've never heard of.

Suggested by waruta

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Original MSRP: $50
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Pocket-sized fishing rod strong enough for most fishing needs, its compact, reliable and cheap! I think that this product provides a cheap and easy way to get into fishing, whether it be on a boat or on the dock. Don't get their reel though, do the research and get a better-quality one that will last!

johnbosco 7 months ago

@waruta, this is so awesome!! have you tried it before? Casting seems pretty decent from the video I linked above... Also think their other Packrod seems very interesting.

@johnbosco - I agree, casting is good with this rod. I've had a friend from the US recommend me this; especially with the 8-coil for bigger fish (trout, grouper etc...) When I looked at the Emmrod page, they seemed to have a Walmart link but its vanished. The same model is sold here at less than $40 USD:

Maybe we can try a mixed order of casting/spinning rods?

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