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Jackall Jockie 120F

Next Generation Top-Water Lure with a Jerkbait Styled Action

Suggested by johnbosco
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$13.90 / pc
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Original MSRP: $23.30$
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3 Orders
5 Orders
10 Orders
20 Orders
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Expected Delivery: 1st Week of Jan
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A lethal mixture of pop, dive and rolling action that is a threat to fish anytime its near water

Straight in from Japan, the Jackall Jockie 120 Topwater Minnow delivers an incredible stop-and-go action that dares hungry bass to come take a closer look. Designed in conjunction with genius professional angler Yamaki Kazuto, the Jockie features a special diamond-shape lip that allows it to move instantly from a straight “standing” position into an energetic, rolling dive.

Grouphunt Deal Details

This week we have a deal for the Jackall Jockie120F only 2 weeks. 8 designs available, but as usual limited stock available. If you can't find the order you want in checkout, it means it's sold out.

  • Retail Pricing: S$23.3
  • Grouphunt Pricing: S$13.9 (20 pcs and above)

This means if we get orders for 20 pcs and above, each Jockie will only cost $13.9 per pc for everyone.

Lure Actions

On the pause, the Jackall Jockie 120 Topwater Minnow rests in an almost vertical position with its head out of the water and all three hooks beneath the surface.

On the retrieve, a special cup underneath the lip generates a distinct popping sound as it makes contact with the surface. Its inner-scale molding that produces an abundance of flash, and a rear-weighting system that delivers long-distance casts with ease.

Design and Colors Available

8 handpicked designs are available. Brighter colors work well in local waters for bigger predators like tomans or adult temmys. If you'd like to see other colors - please request it by leaving a comment below and we will consider bringing it in for the next round if there are enough requests.

Lure Specifications

Admin & Shipping info:

  • This group order is organised in partnership with one of the largest local distributors of fishing tackle in SG, authenticity is assured
  • This group order is only available for those residing in Singapore. For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at before ordering.
  • No returns are available for this deal
  • After this hunt ends, everyone will be updated everyone via email.
  • Product arrives in about 3-4 days after end of order period
  • Estimated ship date is 5th Jan 2015
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johnbosco 10 months ago

With everyone using the typical pencils and poppers for walk the dog actions, you might hit something else with this unique top water lure that combines the pop, dive and rolling action just above the surface of the water. With its large profile, you might just hit the catch to break your own personal best!

Get it to hit wary fish in highly pressured areas!

Post Man 10 months ago

Can u pls kindly remove my photos. You do not have the right to just take and post.

johnbosco 10 months ago

Hi there @Post Man - Are you Gilbert? I actually put up the image credit when I found your pictures via the web/Facebook - sorry about it! I have removed your photos, apologies once again!

Post Man 10 months ago

Fiona's photos belongs to me if you are unaware. And I ain't gilbert. Thank you for ur cooperation.

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