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Triton, World's First Artificial Gills Re-breather

Welcome to the future of underwater breathing

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Welcome to the future of underwater breathing


Triton. A state-of-the-art oxygen respirator, that allows you to breathe underwater by utilizing our ‘artificial gills’ technology. Swim among tropical fish, marvel at exotic coral and experience the serene beauty of marine life − without having to come up for air. Welcome to Triton.

The Triton will retail for US$399 (S$615 including GST). Joining the Indiegogo campaign individually will cost you S$462 (including GST). Joining the Grouphunt for it will cost just S$349 if we hit 5 orders - so help spread the awesome word. Orders will be placed in groups of 5, so join in quick to secure your slot!

Please note: As this is a group-pledge for a crowdfunding project, by joining, you agree that GroupHunt is a pure logistics facilitator and does not guarantee the final product as advertised by the creator.


With Triton there’s no heavy equipment, complicated safety procedures or training. It's easy to use, and no longer than a snorkel. Gently bite into the mouthpiece, breathe normally, and enjoy a sense of underwater freedom unavailable until now. Just imagine exploring gin-clear waters, alongside tropical fish, without bulky equipment or having to surface for air.





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"swimmers would just have to bite down on a plastic mouthpiece. Triton consists of two arms, which branch out to the sides of the scuba mask, and are designed to function as gills." - Industrytap

"the Triton Scuba Mask could very well revolutionize how we handle undersea exploration" - Articlecats

"instead of lugging around heavy scuba, swimmers will now only have to bite down into a plastic piece to get their much needed oxygen." - Techntrend

"This is an interesting concept. In the future when this product is in the market, we can foresee that there will be a lot of changes need to be done in the current diving course syllabus." - Idivher


A new world of freedom

We have a passion for exploring marine life. And we enjoy snorkeling. It’s fun, but limited. With Triton you’ll be able to explore with a new sense of freedom.


A fully-charged battery enables to 45 minutes of underwater pleasure. And with amaximum depth 15 feet, you’ll swim among marine life, rather than merely looking down on it. Triton empowers you with the ability to see and feel the vivid, sub-aquatic world close up.

The following video is our latest Triton's test!

Triton employs cutting-edge technology to produce ‘artificial gills’. TheMicroporous Hollow Fiber makes breathing underwater possible.


The holes of the threads are smaller than water molecules, they keep water out and let oxygen in. The micro compressor then extracts and stores the oxygen – allowing you to breathe naturally and revel in your underwater freedom.


We are using a very powerful modified micro compressor, it compresses oxygen and stores the extracted oxygen in a storage tank. The micro compressor operates through a powerful modified lithium-ion battery.


The positive media coverage we’ve received has made us so happy.
Here’s one we’d like to share with you @nmanewsdirect



Technical specifications


  • Total length 29 Cm / 11.5 inches
  • Total width 12 Cm / 4.5 inches

Core Functionality

  • The artificial gills are made out of Microporous Hollow Fiber. This is the pioneering technology that keeps water molecules out, and lets oxygen in.

  • Triton is powered by a modified lithium-ion battery that allows you to swim underwater for 45 minutes.

  • Our modified micro compressor can extract enough oxygen for a human to comfortably breathe underwater.

Some fun time with Triton on the beach and we had time for a photo session

Triton is for everyone that loves snorkeling and exploring the ocean. This is definitely a new way too swim under water, it took us almost two years to develop Triton and today we have done it.


Who we are


Jeabyun Yeon / Founder & Designer

Jeabyun is a designer from South Korea who breathes science and technology, He is a Samsung Art and Design Institute (SADI) graduate. His passion for innovation led him to design Triton.

Saeed Khademi / Co-Founder & CEO

Saeed is a Swedish entrepreneur. He joined forces with Jeabyun in early 2014 to realize and complete their dream with Triton.

John Khademi / Marketing Director & Client relations

John is a marketing genius from Sweden that joined our team in early 2015. He has placed Triton on the map, with an strategic mind appearance and product focus development.


Our story

I met Saeed early 2014 on a website for people who a share passion for design and technology. I’d just designed and started to develop Triton. It was born out of the ambition to improve the snorkeling experience. I wanted to design a product that would allow me to explore underwater, not just inches under the surface, as with a snorkel.

I realized I needed help to make my dream a reality. Thankfully, help came in the form of Saeed! He too is a keen snorkeler, and loved my idea. He was able to help turn the prototype into a functioning product.

Eight months on, we conducted our first successful test. This happened to be on Saeed’s birthday. Surely a good sign! Triton worked, but not as well as we wanted. There were still problems to overcome. Due to underwater pressure, the lithium-ion battery and micro compressor were not performing as efficiently as we wanted.

We tried other batteries and compressors, but to no avail. We needed to make our own modifications with the perfect components. After months of sweat, endeavor (and buckets of coffee!) we made it. Thorough testing proved what we had hoped. Our dream had been realized. 

In December 2015 we launched our Facebook page, Triton gills. We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive media coverage and, more importantly, the kind comments and huge interest on social media. 

Today we are on Indiegogo, looking for backers to help get Triton onto the market. We believe Triton is the future of snorkeling and scuba diving. We’re proud of our product, and want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy it. Please join us in making Triton available to all.

Thank you all for reading our story and always supporting us on our journey.



Project timeline

The following is our project timeline. We will keep you updated on our status and informing you with the latest news here on our Indiegogo campaign.




Until now, Triton has been entirely self-funded. Now we’re asking for support from you, the backers, to start manufacturing Triton. 

The funding will be utilized for engineering and product manufacturing. We have found the perfect manufacturer, who has great marine product experience, to produce Triton to the exacting standards we demand.


Career opportunity:

We are looking for a technician in marine technology that can start working with us in fall 2016, please if you feel like you are the right person for the job or if you know anybody that is perfect for this job let us know.
Send a email about yourself and your qualifications and we will get back to you.
Send the application to:


Triton: Available in 4 colors

Pick your Triton in Blue, Orange, Green, Gray when you order.


What's next?

We have created a working prototype, the next step is:

  • Finalize the engineering
  • Oversee production
  • Create and finalize the Triton case
  • Follow up our patents
  • Conduct final tests before we start manufacturing


Thank you for your time. We really hope you like our presentation and our rewards. We wish you a great 2016 :)

Jeabyun & Saeed



Can I swap the battery?


At Triton we evaluated the pros and cons of the swappable battery and we found it's preferable to have an internal non-swappable battery. The internal battery makes the following possible:

  • waterproof
  • lightweight
  • extended single change time
  • simple mechanical design

What is the pre-sale price?

We are currently selling the Triton for $299, after our Indiegogo campaign the cost will progressively increase to the regular retail price of $399 USD.

When is the first shipping of Triton?

December 2016.


1. General

What is Triton?

Triton is a product that works like a fish gills, we connected artificial gills named Microporous Hollow Fiber with modified lithium-ion battery that works with a modified dual micro compressor.

How do I get my Triton?


You can help us fund Triton on our Indiegogo campaign so you can be first in line to get your hands on one.

What do I get when I order a Triton?

A Triton, a charging device, and a box to keep your Triton safe.

Does the price include VAT or other duties?

For the customers who ordered during the international sales period, you are responsible for any VAT, tariff, duty, taxes, handling fees, brokerage charges, customs clearance charges, etc. required by your country for importing consumer goods.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

We provide a one-year limited warranty.

2. Form

Can I use a Triton in salt water?

Of course, but we recommend that you rinse your Triton thoroughly after each saltwater exposure.

Can I replace the Triton's parts myself?


No. Just send your Triton to us and we will do it for you. This is imperative due to the technical nature of Triton.

3. Functions 

What is the maximum depth?

Max depth is 15 ft.


What happens after 15 ft?

Triton will start vibrate and the LED lamps will start flashing and it will get harder to breath if you go under 15 ft.

For how long can I use Triton underwater?

45 minutes on a fully-charged battery.

What kind of battery does Triton use?

A modified lithium-ion battery

How do the artificial gills work?


The artificial gills are made out of Microporous Hollow Fiber, it keeps water molecules out and lets oxygen in, through its threads.


What kind of micro compressor is used for Triton?

We use a modified dual micro compressor. This is crucial, so to extract enough oxygen from the water.

How much time does it take to recharge the Triton?

2 hours for a full-charge battery.

Do I need to assemble anything when setting up my Triton?

No. It works right out of the box.

What happens when my Triton runs out of power when it is under water?

Your Triton will send you pulse vibrations when the battery is running low, you will feel the same vibrations until you turn it off.

4. Safety and regulation

Where can I use my Triton?

The ocean, the sea, lakes, rivers, and swimming pools. Just about anywhere with water!

Is the Triton safe for kids to use?

Yes, but under parental supervision.

Is there an age requirement to use Triton?

We recommend 16 years, 16 and under should be used with parents supervision.


Risks and challenges



We love a challenge. And we’ve already overcome quite a few! As previously mentioned, December 2016 is our first month for shipping. We can’t wait until the Triton is on the market. Worst case scenario, there will be a delay until January 2017.

We will of course ship the first order from our manufacturer to our backers, and we’ll work day and night to keep our promises to deliver the first Triton's in December.

Do you think Triton sounds great? If so, please share our campaign with your friends and family

Admin & Shipping Info
- This is a group pre-order for a crowdfunding project. By joining, you agree that GroupHunt is a pure logistics facilitator and does not guarantee the final product as advertised by the creator. - This group order is only available for those residing in Singapore. For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at hello@grouphunt.sgbefore ordering. - As this is a crowdfunding project, no returns are available. - After the hunt ends, we'll update everyone via email. According to the project creator, the order is estimated to ship in Dec 2016. - Once the orders have been received in our warehouse, we will redistribute locally or inform you for collection. GroupHunt will not be responsible for any delays caused by the project creator.
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Tan Hong Tian 7 months ago

Triton. A state-of-the-art oxygen respirator, that allows you to breathe underwater by utilizing our ‘artificial gills’ technology. Swim among tropical fish, marvel at exotic coral and experience the serene beauty of marine life − without having to come up for air. With Triton there’s no heavy equipment, complicated safety procedures or training. It's easy to use, and no longer than a snorkel. Gently bite into the mouthpiece, breathe normally, and enjoy a sense of underwater freedom unavailable until now. Just imagine exploring gin-clear waters, alongside tropical fish, without bulky equipment or having to surface for air.

joelleong 7 months ago

Super cool. Do you think it will work as well as advertised? If it does this would be revolutionary! I wonder what's the pressure it could take - i.e. what's the effective depth?

Tan Hong Tian 7 months ago

According to the website, max depth is 15 ft. The device will start to vibrate after 15 ft and the LED lamps will start flashing and it will get harder to breath if you go under 15 ft.

joelleong 7 months ago

This campaign has been suspended due to feedback from our community regarding questionable health risks and technical discrepancies associated with this product. To prevent any possible issues, we have chosen to remove this item until it has been approved by relevant authorities to be safe to use. Special thanks to the community members for their feedback which has helped us make this decision.

Supporting sites:

Can we please not add fake tech projects to GroupHunt? Artificial gills will not work in a package this size, it has been proven both mathematically (the amount of seawater needed to filter past a membrane to get a viable amount of O2 to sustain a single breath) and has been debunked among various diving and marine engineering articles.

The worst part? Even if the project is unsuccessful, the backers keep all the funding.

Fake conceptual design - my previous comment was immediately deleted, along with all the links debubking this Indiegogo campaign. Look for Triton in diving and marine engineering articles, Snopes, even Smithsonian did a piece on how this technology was unfeasible due to the physical constraints of mL of 02 dissolved in seawater and the massive amounts of water the membrane would have to filter per breath.

(Something along the lines of 800L per minute at sea level. For a single breath, it equates to 27L of seawater being filtered, plus breathing pure 02 is not something you want to do for a long time).

You know the best part? Even if the campaign fails, the founders will get to keep all the money from the campaign.

joelleong 7 months ago

Hi Waruta! Thank you so much for pointing this out - it means a lot to us to have folks like you caring for and watching out for the community. We've reviewed your feedback and sitelinks, and have decided to close this campaign due to the questionable health risks and technical discrepancies associated with the product. Some other fellow members have informed us about it as well, you know who you are, and thank you all!

With regards to your comment being deleted, I'm not sure how that occurred but it may have been a bug. I assure you we would not want to delete such useful information to our community, and our technical team is looking into that issue.

Grouphunt serves as a group logistics platform with the mission of matching our member's with similar interest so that we can unlock bulk discounts from the community. We had setup this campaign on the basis of interest from our community, but we totally agree that we would not want to support bogus crowdfunding projects in which case the founders of the projects would keep the funds raised, leaving our members in the lurch. As much as possible we would want to avoid such cases, so thanks once again for pointing this out to us. Really appreciate it! =)

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