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Jackall Giron

The Tilapia lookalike swimbait that works wonders for deep lying freshies.

Suggested by johnbosco

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Tilapia Lookalike!

Jackall’s Giron has a jointed body with lively action. The Giron has a variety of ways you can fish it. You can cast it out and swim it, twitch it or a combination of both. Bass love to eat bluegill and crappie and are sure to find the Giron an irresistible meal.

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Post Man 10 months ago

Can u kindly remove my photos. Did u ask me for the rights.

johnbosco 10 months ago

Hi there @Post Man - Are you Gilbert? I actually put up the image credit when I found your pictures via the web/Facebook - sorry about it! I have removed your photos, apologies once again!

Chris Lim 10 months ago

Good recommendation.

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